The 10-Minute Golf Lesson


Practicing for my 10-minute golf lesson

What can you learn in a 10-minute golf lesson? This is the second 10-minute lesson I received from a PGA Ontario member. During the Toronto Golf Show, PGA Ontario had it usual kiosk with and large number of teaching professionals waiting to help amateurs improve their game. This years lesson proved that even an old dog can learn a few new tricks.

I was fortunate to be paired with PGA Canada Golf Professional Kyle Docherty. Kyle is an Assistant Professional, Scarboro Golf & C.C. and if you are in the area looking for a lesson or two, I recommend you give Kyle a call. He is a positive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teacher who quickly identified some fundamental errors in my swing.The club I selected for my 10-minute lesson was driver. It is the one club that I seem to


Kyle Docherty Teaching a Grateful Golfer

struggle with. Immediately, Kyle notice that my set up was incorrect. I have a tendency to move the ball back to the 3-wood position and therefore lose power with the ‘big stick’. So I moved the ball forward off my left toe.

Next, Kyle suggested that I keep the buttons of my shirt (or centre of my body) behind the ball during contact. He explained that I have a tendency to get outside of my stance by moving my torso forward slightly during contact.

I need to widen my stance. This is a reoccurring challenge for me, but I believe that is more physical than a swing fault. I am definitely not as flexible as I should be, but his observation is still valid.


Thanks Kyle for the great lesson!

Lastly, and probably most important, the butt of my driver extends too far away from my body. He suggested that I was extending my arms and therefore causing me to reach for the ball during my swing. To fix this setup error, he gave me a visual aid to help: place my fist on my belt, extend my thumb and the butt of my driver should touch the end of my thumb. This is a brilliant suggestion. Many of you might have known this trick, but I had never heard it before! For this suggestion alone, my 10-minute lesson was completely worth it!

A 10-minute lesson is invaluable if given by a properly trained teacher who can easily articulate their observations. In my case I hit the jackpot. Now, I need the snow to go away so I can hit the range and implement Kyle’s recommendations. You can contact Kyle directly if you are looking for a lesson.

Thanks Kyle!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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