Can You Predict a Winner in Golf?

Believe, Concieve, AchieveToday will be a two post day! The first is to let you know that I want to host your predictions on my golf blog. Later today, after work, I am going to ‘go live’ with this new page.

The intent is to generate some conversation and maybe a bit of good old golfing fun for all those golfing pundits out there! All you need to do is give your choices via:

  • email –
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Comment on this Blog
  • send me the link to your blog

I will post your choices for The Masters, The Open, US Open and PGA Championship and link to your site or tweet if you want. The plan is for everyone to make their choices for all four Majors before the first tee off at The Masters!

At the end, someone will wear the crown as the greatest pundit of all time! Or at least within The Grateful Golfer Community!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Can You Predict a Winner in Golf?

  1. OK, Jim
    I’ll be consistent with the ‘heart’ picks.

    Masters – McIlroy
    US Open – Fowler
    British – Garcia
    PGA – Poulter

    I’d love to see my favourite players come through with a major. Let’s add DeLaet for the Canadian Open, just to round out the dream season.

    Should be fun! Thanks, Mike

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