Making The Trip to The Masters!

shell_houston_open_logoHow important is the Shell Houston Open? Many elite players, who have their invitation to the first Major of 2016, use it as a warm up for The Masters next week. Yet, there are those few players vying for a win to receive their invitation to the big dance! Now that the cut is determined, the pressure to win for some will exponentially grow as the weekend progresses.

Second PlaceThe Shell Houston Open is the most pressure packed tournament of the year!  Many of you will disagree and point to the Majors or the Ryder Cup and on the surface you would be correct. Conceding that playing in the Majors is like a pressure cooker; think about the players like Charlie Hoffman, Jamie Lovemark or Roberto Castro who are trying to be one of last players fighting for the last invite. These professionals will be riding a roller coaster of emotions and watching the leader board as if it was a lottery draw.  The pressure will continue to build until the final flicker of light in their chances to make it to The Masters is extinguished for another year.

The Shell Houston Open is not just another professional event – the pressure to win has the potential for players to erupt like a volcano.  The journeyman players who made the cut will be dialed-in, ready to play, and shaking in their boots all at the same time. It is these tournaments that add spice to the PGA Tour.

What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!

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