The Masters – Day 3

Inner Calm

The last day of The Masters will test the inner calm of all the players!

JORDAN SPIETH! I really do not have to say much more. Leading for 7 rounds in a row and looking strong enough to make it 8. If he continues to play well he will join the élite group of Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods as back to back champions at the Masters! Although he struggled on 17 and 18, his play to date is the highlight of the tournament!

However, there were other highlights of Day 2. I am not sure what you think are the high points, but here are mine.

Smylie Kaufman, I repeat Smylie Kaufman, a two-year, first-time Masters attendee, is in the last group with Jordan Spieth today. And he is only one stroke back. His 69 on Moving Day was low round and was 6 strokes lower than 75.75 average of the field. Tomorrow will be very interesting and this Cinderella story might very well change everyone’s expectations.

Of course, it would not be wise to forget the 2-time Master champion: Bernhard Langer. His solid 72, 73, 70 scores over the first three days makes him a definite contender in the last round. He is not the longest player off the tee, but his solid play from the fairway and around the greens demonstrates that he has plenty of game to compete for his third green jacket.

There is often an overlooked aspect of Augusta National Golf Club that has a direct impact on the play. I never see a flat lie! Not only do the players have to fight a difficult wind this year, the undulations of the fairway definitely cause more challenges for everyone. I have played courses similar to Augusta National (but not near as difficult) and for me , it makes a 3-4 stroke in my score difference because of the uneven lies. These players are great, but never having a flat lie must weigh on your concentration after awhile.

It is impossible to predict what is going to happen today, but I am brave enough to try. I think that Bernhard Langer will play 1 under par, but finish second to Jordan Spieth by 3 strokes. Smylie Kaufman will finished third by himself. Regardless of what actually happens, the last day of The Masters is going to be entertaining, exciting and unpredictable!

I am a grateful golfer! Let the last day of The Masters begin!







4 thoughts on “The Masters – Day 3

  1. Jim, with an early tee time and a date with my TV this afternoon, this is one of my favorite days of the year. Happy Christmas in April! And just to add to that wintry feeling, I got snowed on twice yesterday while practicing. 🙂

    What’s interesting so far is that Langer seems to be the only guy out there not battling some personal demons. He is cool as a cucumber. Can it last though? I just don’t see it. Looking for Day to make a run and if Rory could ever get his putting woes fixed, maybe him as well. At the end of the day, I think it will be the guy who is the toughest mentally and the best clutch putter in the world: Spieth! Enjoy the action!



    • Brian

      I think you are right about Lange except his experience might surprise everyone and he continues with is steady play. I also think that Kaufman is feeling pretty good about himself and he might not be able to control his nerves. I hope he does though, Cinderella story.

      Christmas in April…awesome! I plan to catch the last groups. I have some chores to do first that are not golf related…haha. Enjoy the action!


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