Golfing With Ben Hogan’s Grandfather

While playing my first men’s night yesterday, my friend Blair and I teamed with Stewart Hogan. The format for the fun event was a 3-4 man scramble with a shotgun start. Blair and I showed up early at the course as twosome as one of our friends dropped out at the last-minute. But, as with all fun events, the coordinator at Osprey Links Golf Course leveled the teams and sent “Hogie” (who was a single) out with us.

The purpose of men’s night is to meet the different members of our course and to have a fun competition. Generally, most nights the same groups play with each other, however, Blair and I are always looking for new players to play a round with because golf is a contact sport. On a side note, Wayne Halm’s golf blog – Golfing on Kauai – exemplifies this aspect of golf. This is how we met Hoggie.

Hogie drove up to the 9th tee box in preparation for the start; Blair and I watched him approach and discussed if he was going to join us. After exchanging pleasantries, it was immediately obvious that we were all a good fit and this round was going to be fun.

Stewart Hogan

Jim Burton and Stewart Hogan – Both grateful golfers!

Hogie is one of those guys where looks are deceiving. His easy-going nature and positive demeanor immediately put Blair and I at ease. As Hogie set up to hit his first ball, I expected a 175 yard shot down the fairway somewhere near the middle and then we would be off. Well, to my surprise, Hogie hit the ball considerably farther and I knew we had a player within our mix.

Our first approach shot into the green was from 120 yards. After the three of us hit our shots, guess whose ball we used next? Yup, Hogies! After a smooth two putt, we walked away from the first hole with a par. As the round progressed, it was very apparent that Hogie could play golf!

Hogie did not stop there. He made a 50 foot putt for birdie (it was our first), we used his shot many times during the round, and on our last hole Hogie made a spectacular shot out of the sand that left us with a tap in par! His wizardry was amazing and we ended up with a score of 33 for 9 holes. Not bad for a threesome.

Besides Hogie’s game, our conversations down the fairway were exceptional. I was amazed to find out that Hogie is 78 years old! Blair and I would never have guessed it! Hogie is an inspiration to all golfers who think that age should slow us down. I am not sure what Hogie’s secret is, but he should bottle it; he would make a fortune! Also, Hogie is Ben Hogan’s grandfather. Of course, it is not the famous Ben Hogan, but who knows, with a pedigree like Hogies anything is possible!

Golf is a contact sport! It is an opportunity to meet new people and expand our circle of friends. Last night, Blair and I were fortunate to be paired with Hogie and although we did not win on the scorecard, we definitely won the pairing lottery. Hogie was excellent to play golf with and I hope we have the opportunity to play another round real soon!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Golfing With Ben Hogan’s Grandfather

  1. Aloha Jim,

    Your round sounds exactly like the way I think golf should be. Meet new people and have fun.

    And you can bet that when Tiff’s travels bring her this way, I will press her for a round.

    Thanks for the plug – I can use all the help I can get.

    A Hui Hou,

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  2. What a fun day.

    Isn’t it wonderful playing with new people. I may be an anomaly considering the amount of travel I do and I always play with strangers who end up being new golf friends.

    I have played with countless people in the last two years and I agree golf is definitely a contact sport.

    Cheers, Tiff

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