Confidence is Golf’s Sixth Man!

Confidence is golf’s sixth man. It can change our fortune on the course, if we let it! It helps overcome difficult shots and energizes your game to new levels. Confidence is a game changer.

I have talked about confidence before. But, I sometimes I am not sure that I have actually grasped the real importance of being confident on the course. The lack of confidence shows up in many ways: negative thoughts, the dreaded can’ts, second guessing, or anxiety over a shot. Regardless how the lack of confidence manifests, this one character trait has the power to empower us to shoot lower golf scores.

Confidence Jack Nicklaus

Everyone uses a different approach to their golf game. I know that like snowflakes, no two golfers are the same. So, this article is not about what I think. This article is more about what you think.

I was wondering how you build confidence in your golf game? What is your secret weapon? I am trying increase my knowledge and understanding of confidence and golf and you can help!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

13 thoughts on “Confidence is Golf’s Sixth Man!

  1. Great topic Jim. I tend to agree with other posters but success breeds confidence. Making a putt inspires you to make another putt. A great chip gives you the confidence to make another great chip and the same applies to the rest of the clubs in the bag. As we all know practice brings a level of confidence to know that you have A repeatable stroke but making it under game conditions is a different level of confidence.

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  2. Jim, I’ve observed that when I’m most confident, it’s because I’ve prepared mentally and physically. I’ve tried to get by with mental preparation alone and headed out for a round confident, but found that without the physical prep it was false confidence. Your Jack Nicklaus quote says it all because the answer truly is in the dirt.

    Post coming shortly on some success I’ve been experiencing with my mental and physical prep. Thanks and play well!


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  3. Important message, Jim
    While we’re always seeking short cuts to success, the formula for confidence remains consistent: Confidence = Work + Perseverance.
    Thanks for sharing this, Mike

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