Black Bear Ridge Golf Course – Review

20160515_115228The Black Bear Ridge Golf Course is a gem. It is a course that offers everything for all players. During the Military Appreciation Day on 15 May 16, 60 members of the Royal Canadian Air Force from 8 Wing Trenton invaded this great venue to enjoy their generosity. The day was very cold and wet, but that did not dampen our excitement to tee it up.

Black Bear Ridge is a traditional parkland layout designed with sweeping vistas, natural water features, and superior conditioning. With five sets of tees from 5145 to 7238 yards, golfers of any skill level will find a distance that provides them with a pleasant experience assuming that they pick a tee that suits their skill level.”

Black Bear Ridge Golf Course was built in 2005 and immediately became the a must to place to play. It is currently rated in the top 100 courses in Canada because of the course, facilities and outstanding customer service.

During our round, we played from the Whites. It was comparable in distance my home course, but the actual layout and elevation change was a stark difference. Here is the score card:

Black Bear Ridge Front 9

Black Bear Ridge Back 9

Black Bear Ridge was a fun course to play. There was a mixture of easy, medium and hard tee shots and approach shots. It was designed in such a manner that all level of golfers would enjoy the picturesque walk on lush carpet-like grass.

BBR - Practice Range 2

Black Bear Ridge Practice Area

One of the facilities at a golf course that is important to me is the practice area. This course has an excellent practice area. The numerous flags are measured for distance and the number of hitting stalls is upwards of 25. I was he second person to arrive, so I had my pick of positions; talk about a great way to start your golfing day. The course also had a separate chipping and putting area putting that offers every player a chance to hone their skills without fighting for space.

The facilities and Pro Shop are top-notch. You want for nothing if you need anything golf at Black Bear Ridge. I did not purchase anything, but I was treated to lunch by friend Mike. We both had hamburgers and they were delicious. Due to the temperature, warm coffee was the beverage of choice by all at our table.

BBR - 18 Tee

Black Bear Ridge 18th Tee Box

This was a typical golf hole. Hit the ball in the fairway and you were golden. Spray a bit and you might find one of the many well placed bunkers, long grass or the woods. In this case, the 18th hole was a long par 5. It was 300+ yards to the fairway bunker and it finished up the hill to a tough green.

None of the greens were flat. Everyone had a curve, undulation, hump, or unseen break. They rolled very well considering the time of the season and were very receptive to high approach shots. It was very important to stay below the hole on approach shots because it was the safest area to land. I can see that the greens would be a bit devilish in the summer and their speed would increase considerably. Overall, the greens were very fair and fun to play.

BBR - 15 Fairway

Black Bear Ridge 15th hole.

Black Bear Ridge had many well place bunkers. The 13th hole was my favorite. I had many bunkers guarding the approach shot, but the hole was still very fair. For the long hitters, going over the bunker with a medium to long iron was possible. For us mere mortals, a lay up to the flat area in front of the green was the perfect shot. This hole is an excellent example of the many risk/reward shots during our round.

BBR - 13 Behind Green

Black Bear Ridge behind the 13th green.

I included this shot because it is my favorite. It was very beautiful because of how the green sculpts into the lay of the land. There were many “picture moments” like this one and be sure to carry your camera while you play. They seem to show up at unexpected times. If you want to see more pictures of Black Bear Ridge Golf Course check out The Grateful Golfer Facebook Page.

Black Bear Ridge Golf Course is a must play in the Belleville area. It offers many outstanding opportunities to play outstanding golf at a reasonable price. For under $70, you can play anytime and enjoy this fantastic track!

I want to thank Brian Magee, President, and Bill Kerr Jr., CPGA Professional, for opening your doors to the RCAF. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to playing another round on your outstanding golf course.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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