Golf Thought of the Day!

Everyone has a thought of the day and today, mine focuses around confidence! It transcends golf and it is a the core of success!

Listening to Jack Nicklaus

Listening to Jack Nicklaus

Working towards your goals and confidence are intertwined and very important. The steps do not have to be giant, but persistent.

What is your thought of the day?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Golf Thought of the Day!

  1. Morning GG

    Question: ? Why do i lose so mush yardage when using a tee with my iron?

    Example A) At my local track we have a 110 Yard Par 2 that runs over two big ponds / Water features.
    During the summer months i can quite easily play this off the deck with a 9 iron and comfortably hit the pin however due to the ground conditions and/or the use of a mat i have to use a tee for this and i struggle to reach it with an 8 iron and i even had to use an easy 7 on Saturday just gone ( Playing off whites )…. so i ask..what am i doing wrong to lose distance or is this normal?




    • Clint

      There are many different reasons for you lose of distance. Generally, the lose of distance in the non-summer months is due to the cold temperatures. Read: However, it the temperature is the same I would look at how high you tee the ball. In the summer, you can trap the ball easier than if you are hitting off matts or harder ground. Therefore, you need to take less divot to allow your club to hit through the ball. These are just a couple of things that might cause your current challenges. Of course without looking at you swing, it is very difficult to tell. Hope this helps.



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