Taking Your Clubs on Vacation

Many snowbound golfers dream of travelling for golf. We think about heading someplace warm and enjoying our time on the links. Planned trips are generally for a week or more  and there is no question our clubs are at the top of the list of items to carry. Next will be golfing clothes and the rest of the required items, well just does not matter.

Taking your clubs on vacation is a no brainer, but what about a quick trip unforecasted trip for work. Your job sends you someplace warm with the opportunity to play courses you would not normally have access too. You have a real dilemma, take your clubs or not?

20160921_181530_hdrThrough the years, I was afforded the opportunity to golf while away for work. I have golfed all over North America and one trip to Europe where golf was definitely on the agenda. Interestingly, I never carried any clubs with me; I always rented or borrowed a set.

Naturally not having my own clubs proved challenging sometimes, but the goal of these outings was just to play golf. Usually, I played a round of golf with a friend or two, so the score was less important in the big scheme of things.

Thinking back, I could have taken my clubs on a few trips, however I am not convinced it would have improved the golfing experience. I do not look back with any regrets, but with wonderment. Since I have never carried my clubs on a business trip, I have no frame of reference as to the value of bringing them. So I asking what you think.

Is there value in carrying my own clubs on a business trip for a round or two? Share your thoughts, it might influence my future travel plans.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “Taking Your Clubs on Vacation

  1. I don’t have to travel for business. At least not long distance. And I haven’t flown in a long, long time. I much prefer driving. And I always test any car I buy to make sure I can fit my clubs and a few bags in the trunk. Once I pick a car, my clubs go in and stay there unless I am using them to play, or cleaning them. That way I can always be ready for when an opportunity arises. The best combination car, golf bag hauler I’ve owned was a 97 Jaguar XK I picked up used as a ten year old car. You couldn’t really fit four guys in it, but you could handle all four bags with room to spare. The last vacation I took in it I played in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, and Colorado. That was my favorite vacation. Just me and my daughter. Over 5000 miles from sea level to the top of Pikes Peak (I think just over 14k feet), then back through the desert. The course in Cumberland Gap was a highlight, and the trip up the mountain with the top down was another. I was in heaven for two weeks.

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    • Kevin

      Your vacation sounds awesome! And to share it with your daughter would be icing on the cake. I too check to see if two sets of clubs fit in the trunk of my car, it only makes sense to me. Great to hear from you.



  2. I usually play better (or at least feel more comfortable) playing my own clubs. Rental clubs seem to bring in a host of unknown variables (quality of clubs, fit, shaft stiffness, worn grips, etc.) that will likely necessitate (hopefully temporary) swing adjustments, which are usually a bad thing in the grand scheme of your golf game. The upside of rental clubs is taking new sticks for a test spin if you’re in the market to upgrade, and not having to lug your own clubs through airports and shuttle buses.

    I base the rent vs. take-your-own clubs decision on multiple factors for biz trips:
    -Airline baggage fees (1st bag free? Take my own. $50+? Maybe rent, depending on rental fees.)
    -Quality of course (Top 100? Take my own. Local muni? Probably rent.)
    -Type of round (Competitive round with close colleagues/good golfers? Take my own. Casual scramble? Rent.)
    -Is there a chance my travel/meeting schedule may change or run long? (Yes: Probably rent, in case I don’t get to play at all.)
    -Am I traveling/playing with my boss? (Yes: Is he renting?–Don’t wanna seem like I have my priorities out of order taking my clubs if he’s not. No: See factors above.)

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