The Most Popular Golf Grip

The golf grip sets up many parts of your golf swing. It is important to use the grip best for your game, but sometimes that is hard to determine. There are three main golf grips used by most players and depending on your skill level, physical ability, and comfort level, each grip is suited for your golf game.


I have written about the golf grip in earlier posts that might be helpful for you in determining the best grip for you, but they do not provide any real insight into the most popular grip. In case you would like to review them:

But, the title of this article is “The Most Popular Golf Grip”. I can tell you that I have used variations of the three grips over the years. I started off with the 10 finger grip and graduated to the overlapping grip when I was a 12 handicap. I switched to the interlocking grip when I was an 8 handicap. I have kept this grip for years and it still works for me today.

I tried several variations to the interlocking grip such as placing my right thumb on top of my middle finger and having a gap between my index finger and my thumb. This worked fairly well for control, but was not effective to produce any power. So I reverted back to the normal interlocking grip and have not changed since. The fact that I gravitate towards the interlocking grip is interesting, because a majority of the respondents to my poll also use the interlocking grip.

It was very close, but interlocking grip appears to be the most popular grip in golf. Of course this is a very small sample group and I believe that the 10 finger grip is used more than zero times, but sometimes the results in of a small group mirror the greater reality.

The golf grip is very important. It sets the stage for greatness in your swing. It is a big decision, so, which grip fits your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “The Most Popular Golf Grip

  1. Early last year, I ended up having to go to 10 finger due to an injury. Had been an interlocker most of my playing career. I’m not sure I’m going to go back. I’ve tried Vardon multiple times, but I just can’t maintain good grip control. My biggest issue is tensing up, and I’ve found I stay most relaxed with my arms and wrist using the 10 finger grip. Odd, but it works for me. Probably not for all.

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    • Criss

      The grip is such a personal thing that there are no wrong answers. If thee baseball grip is working for you, then I say go for it. Sometimes an injury helps us develop in other ways which leads to lower golf scores. Thanks for sharing your story.



  2. Jim, I would guess that the overlap is most widely used since it’s the most readily taught. Great players like Tiger, Jack, and Rory prefer interlock so you are in great company! FYI, my choice is overlap.



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    • Brian

      It was a close poll. I found the overlap hard to use. I thunk most lower handicap players use the overlap grip as it is suggested it the best for control, but as you pointed out, not all great players use the overlap. Thanks for dropping by. Have an awesome Friday!



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