Caption This Golf Picture

A few years back I was golfing in the spring. The ground was wet and there was plenty of casual water around. After teeing off the 11th hole, we could not find my ball and this picture was taken:

Jim Arm In Water

When I look at this picture I would caption this picture with a conversation:

Mike: Jim, what are you looking for?
Jim: My golf game!!!!

Sorry, I could not resist.

When you see the picture and remember this is a family website, how would you caption it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



6 thoughts on “Caption This Golf Picture

  1. Looks like a hole in one to me. Rain this past summer was tough this year for me. I lost at least 2 dozen golf balls in the middle of the fairway this year on just two holes (1 & 10) on my home course. They would just sink into the ground 3 inches or more and be gone.

    On another hole, my partner one day and I had hit our balls close to each other off the tee. As we walked up to where they were I was in the lead and I walked over a large bump in the ground without thinking. It felt squishy to me but it held. My partner who weighed quite a few pounds more wasn’t so lucky. When he stepped on the mound, he went right through the turf and sunk in to his knee.

    I’d heard of that before but that was the first time I saw it in action. It’s only maybe 3 feet above sea level and a hundred yards or less from the water on that hole. And the water can build up under the turf sometimes making a sort of bubble which my partners weight burst. Thankfully for him it’s the 17th hole so he didn’t have to spend too much time with one leg all muddy.

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