Having the Right Golf Clubs in Your Bag

Most golfers carry 14 clubs. There is a specific reason for this that I discussed in an earlier post. However, the number of clubs is not really the issue of this post, but whether you are carrying the right 14 clubs.

About 10 years ago, I traded my 5 wood or 3 iron for an extra wedge. I felt it was very important to have more scoring than bashing clubs. It was a great choice for my game and I continue to refine my club selection.

GG-wedge-ingfographic2 (1)

The first wedge I put in my bag was a gap wedge. This club quickly became my 100 – 110 yard club. It filled the hole in my game that saved my strokes ever since my decision. There are different degrees of gap wedges and I have tried them all.

I found that a 50° gap wedge was too similar to my pitching wedge and I did not gain the distance control from 110 yards that I was looking for. I also tried hitting a 54° wedge and, well, it was a complete disaster. So, through a process of elimination (actually just comfort and use) I settled on a 52° gap wedge.

The loft on this club is the most versatile for my game. It works from my desired distance and works around the green. At 52°, I can play many shots during many different scenarios. And it looks like I am not the only one:

The 52° gap wedge is the most popular by far. I am not sure from my poll if it is the popular choice because of a focused effort to make sure players pick the best loft for their game or that it is the most popular just because. But, I will suggest that those using the same loft as me will be using this club for the same reasons.

Carrying 14 clubs is important for most players. Carrying the right clubs is just as important. For my game the 52° gap wedge is the perfect choice.

What is the loft of your gap wedge? Did you by this club on purpose or just fell into your selection? At what distance do you use your gap wedge?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Having the Right Golf Clubs in Your Bag

  1. Jim,

    My gap wedge is 52, my other wedges are 56 and 60. My 56 and 60 have higher bounce which I like. I like this spread as it seems to give me a good spread of yardages and tools around the green. I use my gap wedge from 120-130 yards


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  2. I’ve read recommendations that say you need to keep a consistent difference in the lofts of your clubs through the bag. That is a good starting point for us I think, but it’s not necessarily perfect for my game. My irons have 3 degrees of loft between the 3-5 and 4 degree loft shift between them from the 6 to the pitching wedge. Then I go 5, 6, 4 in loft shift from gap to lob which gives me 50, 56, and 60 degree wedges.

    It’s not what I would call perfect, but it works for me. My pitching wedge is good out to 125 give or take 5 with a normal swing. My gap 110 or so, At 100 though, I will hit the pitching wedge with a 2/3rds swing to get it on the money. For me, that works well and I do similar things as I get closer. It took time to figure out, but it was certainly worth it.

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    • Kevin

      You just proved that convention is not for everyone. It takes time to determine our game and as such, make club choices will vary depending on our skill level and type of swing. Thanks for adding value.



  3. Jim, I recently benched my Cleveland CG-16 50 degree for my older Cleveland Tour Action 49 degree gap wedge. They both are dial-in from 100 yards, but I’ve got more confidence in the older wedge. The Tour Action feels much better around the green as well. Today’s round will be the second of the season with the older wedge and I’m hoping for more good birdie looks from the 100-yard marker!



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      • Jim, it’s vintage 1990s I think. Technically it’s a pitching wedge but I hit it 10-15 yards shorter than my pitching wedge; perfect for gap purposes. Yes, the mental aspect is huge, especially with the scoring clubs.




      • Brian

        You can do anything if you put your mind to it. I have been saying that for years to people….golf is that one thing that takes more mental effort to succeed than people think! Have fun today and remember to be grateful.


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