Time to Predict the 2017 Golf Major Winners

Well it is that time of year again. With just 34 days until the first Major, it is time for all you ‘Amazing Kreskins’ to make your winning picks. This year’s competition will be a bit different that last year. Instead to trying to track everyone down through the year, I am asking you to make your four selections before the games even start.

Congratulations to last years winner, Mike Jones. Can he do it 2 years in a row. This is how Mike made out last year:

The Masters – Bubba Watson – T37
The US Open – Jordan Spieth – T37
The Open – Sergio Garcia – T5
The PGA Championship – Jason Day – T2

You can check out last years picks, until the first ballet is in, by everyone by just clicking on the Predictions heading on the main menu bar above.

I realize there are pros and cons to this long shot method, but it will make things easier in the long run for me and ultimately for you. Of course I am not crazy enough to think that things won’t change and that you may want to adjust your selections, so I have made provisions for the varying possibilities.

Here are the only two rules to this contest:

  • You have to make your initial selects for the four Majors and the bonus question on or before 31 March 2017.
  • You will be able to change your choice one week prior to the remaining three Majors (The Open, The PGA Championship and the US Open) and the bonus question (Canadian Open) to change your selection. You must contact me to make the change. I will give notice when it is time if you want to make a change.
  • There will be a prize awarded to the winner who has the most points at the end of last Major.
  • You have to be a follower of The Grateful Golfer to win the prize.

All you have to do is send me the names of your choices in the following order:

  • The Masters
  • The Open
  • The US Open
  • The PGA Championship
  • Bonus Question: The Canadian Open

My goal is to have 50 or more entries. I think it will be fun and it will give everyone an opportunity to gaze into your crystal ball and pick the winners of the PGA Tour Majors. The actual prize will be announced at a future date, but do not fear it will be great.

You can contact me via:

Let your selections begin!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

13 thoughts on “Time to Predict the 2017 Golf Major Winners

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  2. Hi Jim,

    Let me know what you think

    Masters – Dustin Johnson
    U.S Open – Jason Day
    The Open – Jordan Speith
    PGA- Rickie Fowler


  3. Hi Jim, here are my picks
    Masters: Jordan Spieth
    US Open: Rory Mcilroy
    British Open: Padraig Harrington
    PGA: Martin Kaymer
    Canadian Open: Jon Rahm

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