I Hit the Pin!

Hitting the pin in golf is a fantastic feeling! It is a rush to see that we actually hit what we were aiming at; unfortunately, the elation of hitting the pin can also cause an immediate feeling of dread. As I watch the WGC-Mexico Championship, I cannot believe the number of pins that were hit and the balls holed out from off the green. Simply amazing!

The two-edged sword of hitting the pin can make or break your round. I have experienced this highs and lows of seeing my strike the stick many times. And believe it not, I would prefer if my ball never hit the pin, but landed beside it. Before you start calling me crazy, hear me out.

I have hit the pin and stuck close to the hole. During one round, I was in the sand trap and sculled my shot. Like a rocket my ball hit the pin and rolled up into the flag. What seemed like an eternity, the ball fell out of the flag and came to rest 2 inches from the hole. And if you are counting, I did make the putt. This particular shot is rare because most of the time, my ball ends up farther from the hole then if I missed the pin.

During another round, which is an example of my most common results, I was on the 14th hole of Osprey Links Golf Course. I was 145 yards out and was hitting a high 8-iron. I struck the ball perfectly and it sailed to the moon and back. As it descended towards the hole, I knew it was going to be close so I started saying “be there”! Well, I got my wish.

Watching my ball with excitement, I heard a clang as my ball struck the pin. My elation turned to dread as I watched my ball ricochet straight back stopping 65 feet from the pin. After a smooth 3 putt, I walked away with a bogey and, at least in my mind, a two-stroke swing on my score card.

Other than the excitement factor, hitting the pin is not good for my golf score. The results indicate that my ball will come to rest farther away from the pin than if I missed it with the same shot.

I will always aim for the pin when possible, but moving forward I hope I never hit it. If you are wondering why, you only need to look at the video below:

Have you ever hit the pin? What were your results – better or worse than if you missed?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “I Hit the Pin!

  1. Jim
    I am on the side of preferring not to hit the flag stick. I have seen more negative results than positive ones. I hit the flag for 120 out recently with a wedge and the ball settled 1 foot from the hole. I do recall catching the ball thin with a chip and hitting the stick and falling in. But in most cases the spin and or speed causes the ball to end up further away.

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  2. Jim, interesting post. I don’t think it’s advisable to aim for the pin and hope not to hit it during the same shot. On steep uphill green side pitches, one theory is to aim for the top of the pin and the ball will end up at the bottom. I’ve tried this and it screws me up mentally (aiming for one thing and hoping to hit something else). Much easier to aim at what you want and be glad when you get it (Tiger video aside). ๐Ÿ™‚



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    • Brian

      Yes, it is challenging to aim for something hoping for different results. I guess distance from the green has a fair bit to do with it. The farther away, the less I want to hit the pin. It is tough to visualize some shots, but I guess your last statement is true, be happy when we hit what we aim for.


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  3. My best “hit the pin story” came on the 18th hole at Roundel Glen (I am pretty sure you can picture this as you may have been there a few times). But for those that haven’t, it is a short par 5, dogleg right. Behind the green is a road with the clubhouse across the street. My usual drive left me through the fairway unfer some trees in the left rough. I was about 215 from the green with a small area to hit through under the branches of the tree. I took my 4 hybrid and swung away. The ball left the club like a rocket. Low under the branches and what I thought would end up to the right of the green. I stepped out I to the fairway to try to locate the ball flight. I never saw it but all of a sudden I heard a crack. The distinct sound of hitting the pin. I must have hit it pretty square, half way up as the next thing I saw was my ball settling 6 feet from the pin. I would like to say that I sank the put but….

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  4. I want to hit the pin. Just not on the fly. I’ve had a few bad experiences too over the years but not all that many. And if I don’t hit the pin, I don’t get that hole in one, or albatross, or eagle. I can’t birdie or save par if I’m scrambling, and I can’t hole out from the trap. It’s more than paid off for me because I’ve done every one of those and except for the first two, in much larger quantities than the strokes I’ve gained from hitting it on the fly only to watch it bounce right off the green.

    In fact I would happily accept that unlucky consequence more often if I can keep close to the same ratio. And I still have a few clubs that I haven’t hit the flag with yet that I would love have to join the club. My driver, 3 iron, & 5 iron keep telling me they want it, but I haven’t managed to give them just the right swing yet.

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    • Kevin

      Great to hear you experiences with hitting the pin are positive. It is something I struggle with, not that I hit the pin often. I think the words ‘on the fly’ are important for context. Thanks.



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