Where is Rory McIlroy?

Rory McIlroy is one of the young lions in golf. He has all the tools to be one of the best players every, however I am not convinced he is ready or even wants to stay at the top of the golfing world all the time. Unlike Tiger Woods, Rory’s burning desire to be the best, all the time, ebbs and flows.

Before you start yelling at your computer and writing a blazing retort, read a bit further to see where I am heading.

I believe Rory McIlroy is the best player in the world and has been for the past 3 years. His record is outstanding, with at least 2 wins in each of the last 3 years. He won 2 Majors in 2014 and yet, I am not sure he is fully engaged in his golfing game. Wait, I cannot over look his dominance on the European Tour with 7 wins since 2014. Young Rory McIlroy definitely has game.

Yet at 27, there is still so much to do and see in the world that golf may turn into the vehicle for him to afford what the future holds. I am not going to discuss his personal life because, first, I do not know him personally, and second, I do not know him personally! However, his golf game is a different story. At 27, the effort and pressure to manage all the stressors in his life, created by playing golf at the elite level, is incredible. If he throttles back once in a while to manage everything, then I say go for it. I believe if he does, the he will be able to sustain his level of play until he is ready for the Champions Tour and beyond.

I see Rory, as well as Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, and Jordan Spieth, riding the waves of success and managing the other times. There is no requirement, except personal pride, for these great players to be the best all the time; I think if they try to, it will shorten their careers. They would follow players like David Duval and Anthony Kim who rose to stardom and collapsed under the pressure of their success. The trick for these fledgling golf heroes is to find the balance between great play and their off-course lives.

In 2013 during his post practice round interview at the PGA Championship, Rory McIlroy stated, “In golf, eras last about 6 months instead of 20 years!” McIlroy hit the nail on the head, dominating in golf is always short-lived. This is the new normal, so I applaud Rory McIlroy seeking his balance and after 4 years of ups and downs, I think he is mentally stronger and back to his younger playing form. I asked earlier if Rory would return to the top of the golfing world and 55% of you said he would.

I agree with the majority. Rory McIlroy will return to the top of the world golf rankings. However, if you asked him, I am confident he would say that winning a Major is the real measure of modern golf. You can win all the tournaments you want, but if you don’t win a Major then your golf season is still second tier.

To answer my original question of where is Rory McIlroy, well he is right where he needs to be. I see a resurgence in McIlroy’s career in 2017 and I expect him to win at least one Major and possibly two!

What are your thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Where is Rory McIlroy?

  1. Jim,

    I agree. Rory’s talent outweighs his deep burning desire to dominate. He’ll go in spurts and win a tournament here or there in dominating form, but doesn’t have the drive to sustain that. I think DJ will remain #1 for a while…


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  2. Jim, excellent summary about a very complex individual. Rory can be a little impulsive at times and is very principled in his approach. I love the honest stand he took about not playing the Olympics. You always know where he stands. And gawd, can he rip a driver! Ultimately Rory will go as far as his flat stick allows!



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    • Brian

      Thanks very much. It is difficult to look at a player and say judge their performance when they are that good and have even more potential. I agree, his flat stick will be the deciding factor in the future. As always, I enjoy your insight.


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