Inspired to Improve My 3 Foot Space

Every once in a while, something catches my attention and makes me stop what I am doing. It is not always profound, nor is it all-encompassing. It happens in a moment and I become very mindful of how grateful I am for the awesome things in my life. I could make a very long and detailed list, but in reality these things are only important to me.

Being Monday, I thought I would start your day off with a pat on the back and smile. So here it goes!


Image from Wright Thurston Twitter Feed

I believe in improving my 3 foot of space. It is that special area of influence I have that never goes away. Sometimes I accomplish great feats and others, I carry out small deeds of kindness that brightens someones day. Most of the time I do not even realize that my positive attitude is affecting those around me; it is my natural default.

Well, today it is your turn! The image above immediately struck me as profoundly simple and immensely challenging. I believe we are all capable of greatness! We are able to improve the world around us by just saying hello, smiling at someone, or holding open the door. Any random act of kindness will eventually lead to bigger and better things. It is my experience that the only thing that stops us is ourselves!

So, on this random Monday:

Remember that you can create the day you want by choosing the path you want to follow! You can do anything; you are capable of greatness!

Have an awesome Monday and remember to be grateful.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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