Fighting With My Golf Game

I have a quick fix for your golfing woes! I am sure you have heard this statement before. If you have conducted any research, you were quickly over whelmed by the vast amount of data offering a sure-fire way to improve something with your game. As an amateur, I sometimes find it difficult to pinpoint what I need to work on first to improve my game. Now I ask you, have you ever felt this way?

For years I fought with my golf game. I would change my focus based on my last round! If I was putting poorly, I practice putting. If I miss hit a few balls, to the range I would go. If my course management choices were poor, I would read up on ways to improve. My approach to golfing was considered scattered at best!

About 10 years ago, I decided to change my approach. It was time to address my golfing woes in a different way because what I was doing was not working. It was difficult to change my focus because I did not know where to start. Yet, through a bit of trial and error I was able to  move my game in the right direction.

Now, I have a proven method that works for me. It is something that helps my game and I can generally see tangible improvements. I have a practice routine that helps keep my game sharp. And every now and again, I need to focus on a specific skill which is plaguing my game. The trick is to find the problem area.

My method is not scientific, but based on consistency. Yup, the consistency of poor play. I golf often, so recognizing my a reoccurring problem becomes easy. And now I have just told you my secret. I play golf and if I struggle in a particular area for 3 to 5 rounds, then it is time to take action. Waiting 3-5 rounds takes about a week or two, so I do not waste too much time fighting my golf game.

The reason I am patient about making changes relates to being able to remain focused on the big picture. On any given day, I could play poorly in any number of areas. But sometimes the ship rights during the same round and sometimes it fixes itself the next time I tee it up. That is the nature of an amateur golfer. However, if my woes last over multiple rounds, then it is time to take notice.

After identifying the problem, I take corrective action. I make a plan, practice until I am comfortable, and watch the positive effects show up in my game. Given my current level of play, a calm and focused approach to fixing my game is what is needed. As I continue to lower my score, it is important to never panic. So, moving forward, I will remain patient, keep practicing and stop fighting my golf game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Fighting With My Golf Game

  1. Well, you asked me to let you know how visualizing my shots went when I played with my friends last week. Not too well. But I don’t think it had anything to do with my bad day. I think it was just my time to blow it. And blow it I did. It was my worst game so far this year. I did my best to keep my mind off the bad play, but I just never got things under control that day.

    I played again this weekend though and there was no trace of the terrible swing I was displaying just three days before. Both days had similar conditions (23 mph winds), and yet Wednesday I faded or sliced everything and Saturday I hit them all straight and true and played the breeze like a champ. I had two doubles, both caused my misjudging the breeze and going long into trouble, but I shot a 79. Wednesday though was a sad 86.

    All I can say is, that’s golf. I’m not changing anything over it. A bad game once in a while can happen to even the best, so I won’t let one get to me.

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    • Kevin

      Thanks for the update. I know exactly what you mean about playing poorly once in a while. I too played poorly as of late. Although I am hitting the ball well, I am scoring very poorly. You are right not to panic and change anything. A blip is nothing to be concerned about. Thanks for the update.



  2. Jim, the more game action you enjoy, the smaller your adjustments become. That is the beauty of frequent play. It’s very different and difficult for the weekend hack who doesn’t see the reps. Are you working on any particular part of your game now?


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  3. I have been playing reasonable golf lately, but the bounce of the ball always puts me in trouble. You can not practice for that turn of events. I am still waiting for round with good bounces, will let you know when and if it happens before Christmas.

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