All I Want is a Hole In ONE!

On of my 3 holes in one. Osprey Links Golf Course, Hole 11.

“All I want is a hole in one” is the dream of many golfers. If you talk to most players, they will be able to recount a close call, but not the real thing. That elusive perfect shot is on the mind of every player when they step up to a par 3. The odds of shooting a hole in one for an amateur is about 12000 to 1; for a pro about 2500 to 1. (Wikipedia) It is the holy grail of golf and only a few have reached that milestone.

The reason for this post is a news article I read about a 77-year old lottery winner. Here is what he said:

Now that he’s claimed his $30-million Lotto 6/49 prize, William “Bud” Perry has another difficult goal in mind – to score a hole in one.

The 77-year-old retired crane operator from Pickering, Ont. intends to achieve this feat by playing golf in every single province and territory in Canada.

“I play golf with a great bunch of friends and would love to take my game to the best courses in every single province and territory,” Perry said at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto on Wednesday. “It might not improve my swing but it’ll be a lot of fun.”

The golf-loving senior marveled at the fact that he had won the lottery before succeeding at golf’s most difficult shot.

“It’s easier for me to win the lottery than get a hole in one!” Perry said with a laugh. (CTV)

I thought it funny that after winning 30 million dollars in the lottery, Bud’s thoughts turned to golf. I am sure he plays often and I hope he reaches this other milestone! What do you think? Would making a hole in one be next on your list after winning the lottery?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “All I Want is a Hole In ONE!

  1. Well, he’s beat the harder odds so he’s got luck on his side. I got a 180 yard hole in one back in 2002. Maybe he’s interested in a trade? I’ll give him a deal on the bragging rights and my name’s just penciled in on the card. I got a few eagles this past year hitting in from 80-100 yards too. Maybe we can do a package deal.

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