Crazy Golf Rules

This is just a crazy golf rule that I had to share. It is a cut and paste from BarDown website. I take no credit for the original reporting, but I just had to share it!

Bizarre rule leads to golfer having to strip down and jump into a lake!

Water Hazard

Water Hazard

Wednesday, during the NCAA Baton Rouge Regional, Jacksonville golfer David Wicks found out just how serious tournament officials are about certain rules, no matter the circumstances. After hitting a putt close to the pin on the 13th hole, Wicks picked his ball, placed it in his pocket and put down his marker. Moments later, Wicks went to check his scorecard causing him to accidentally drop his ball off his shoe. The ball ended up rolling into the drink, meaning that unless Wicks was able to retrieve his ball, he would face a penalty shot.

So Wicks did what any good team player would do…he took his clothes off and jumped into the lake.

“Wicks stripped down to his underwear and dove in with a five-minute time limit. “David probably found 20 balls in the stretch of five minutes, but he never could find his,” said Blackburn. “It was just a stroke of bad luck. After the five minute period ended the rules officials gave him a two-stroke penalty, which really could’ve hampered our comeback. But David rebounded, finishing the day with five straight pars to keep us in the race.” (

While we understand that rules are rules, that rule just seems a bit silly. Careful of mistakes on the golf course…some can cause you to have to jump in a lake.

(H/T: FTW USA Today)


2 thoughts on “Crazy Golf Rules

  1. I saw this today while waiting for my mother in law at the eye doctor. A bad break and a humorous moment that will likely follow the kid forever.

    I wanted to disagree with the part about the rule being bizarre rather than just the accident that invoked it. But after thinking about other aspects like replacing damaged balls, I have to admit this is a bit of a bizarre deal all around. An unlucky break. But he shouldered it well.

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