Self-Doubt At the US Open

The US Open is just one day away. The field is set, except that Phil Mickelson still  is hoping for a 4 hour rain delay, and the course is being prepared. It was all over the news yesterday that the USGA trimmed the fescue. We are not sure if this was their original plan or they were forced to because of all the whining by some of the pros. Regardless, Erin Hills is going to play tough, especially around the greens.

After a week of listening to the professional golfers “point out”  the tough conditions, I began to wonder if all this self-doubt would negatively affect their preparation. I know that if I were to start the week before a tournament worrying about things I could not control, then my ability to play well would greatly diminish.

Golf is challenging enough and staying positive is the key to success on the golf course. Regarding the topic most players hate to discuss, Rory McIlroy said it best:

The US Open offers other challenges like fast greens, hard terrain, and a very long course to maneuver.  Mental preparation is critical if they expect to win the second Major of the year. Everyone in the field can play golf, but only the mentally tough will survive four days at Erin Hills. The first step towards success is to think positive and remain confident that their game is worthy of playing in the US Open.

I have not heard any of the top ranked players in the world complain about the tough conditions. It is as if they have accepted the challenge and chose to focus on building a successful game plan to combat the fescue. That is mental toughness and the right attitude needed to win this weekend.

The US Open starts tomorrow and I predicted that Dustin Johnson will win. His calm and cool temperament is exactly what he needs this weekend. I expect he will be leading after 54 holes and cruise to another Major victory on Sunday.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Self-Doubt At the US Open

  1. Jim,

    It’ll be tough to beat DJ this week! And I agree — as I tweeted yesterday, anyone who was happy to relieved to see the fescue being cut back is in no condition to win a US Open anyway. Let the games begin!


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  2. I like Dustin too. Today I read an article on my phone that predicted Molinari as the winner. I thought that an interesting pick.

    Rain kept me off the course today and I won’t get another chance before Friday at the earliest. Depressing. I want those new irons back out on the course.

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  3. Jim, the best players in the world should never complain when a major venue is made difficult because it enhances their chances of winning. I think as soon as a guy complains, he’s got no chance. Same thing with bad weather. Also helps to cull the herd.

    Thanks, enjoy the action!


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