US Open Final Thoughts

Congratulations to Brooks Keopka for winning the 117th US Open. The final round was very exciting with many charges up the leaderboard. None more exciting than
Hideki Matsuyama. Early in the club house at minus 12 added a pinch of excitement for the viewers. The final round was by far the most exciting of the four rounds.

Watching most of the play on Sunday, I was amazed with Erin Hills. The course was anything but flat and most of the approach shots were uphill and blind. Missing the green, even by a little, was disastrous. Interestingly, at the start of the US Open I thought the bunkers were death traps, but as it turned out they were considered bailout areas; go figure. Erin Hills was a great venue for this Major and I hope to play it one day.

I was continually amazed at how far the pros hit their ball. JB Holmes easily reached the 680 yard 18th hole and made his 10 foot eagle putt. Rickie Fowler reached the 18th with a long iron in 2. Brooks Koepka hit a 3-wood off the tee on the 18th hole 379 yards; these guys are crazy long! Most of the players averaged 300+yards on their drives. Their fairway woods were not far behind either; I understand that the pros are hitting the ball farther, but come on, this was crazy long during the entire final round!

Watching the putting gave me a greater appreciation to how good these guys really are! Their ability to softly tap the ball is something that can only be appreciated when they play greens like those at Erin Hills. Keopka had the touch all day and as a result he ran away with the championship yesterday.

Lastly, I was impressed by the mental toughness of the all the players. The number of made 8 foot par putts in the last round would test anyone’s nerve, but apparently not the players of the US Open! Of course we focused on the leaders, but what about Charlie Hoffman who tripled the 8th hole to drop to minus 7. He did not falter and worked his way back to finish 8th at minus 9. He is just one example of how mental toughness is vital to winning at the professional level!

The US Open started slow, but finished as expected from this amazing Major. Again, congratulations to Brooks Keopka on winning his US Open!

On a side note, congratulations to Brooke Henderson for winning the Meijer LPGA Classic on the weekend. Her come from behind win, like Keopka’s, shows that no one can be counted out in a professional golf tournament.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “US Open Final Thoughts

  1. Jim,

    I was happy to see Koepka win. He played completely fearless all week — I’m sure the huge fairways helped a guy like that but it still took a lot of good play with guys charging behind. Didn’t feel like a typical US Open but can’t take anything away from Brooks.

    And another great week for Canadian golf — way to go Brooke Henderson!


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  2. Though Harman did contend as a shorter hitter, Koepka proved you right by winning as a big hitter. Of course, Koepka was best with his irons and best with the putter as well, statistically speaking. Impressive golf that makes it hard to assess. Was his golf just that amazing or was the course too easy for a U.S. Open?

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  3. Jim, Koepka even said that the course was very open off the tee and he could bomb it as hard as he wanted. That obviously brought many more players, himself included, into the mix. All things being equal, I’d prefer to see a tougher test for the US Open with a premium on driving accuracy. With the advances in equipment, we hardly see that any more. That being said, it was an excellent day yesterday in terms of major championship drama.



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