The 2021 Masters Champion: Hideki Matsuyama

It was a nail biter, but Hideki Matsuyama overcame the immense pressure to win this year’s Green Jacket. After several suspect shots by Matsuyama, I thought he was going to succumb to the microscopic analyses of his ever move and fold. As it turned out, he played well enough to make that historic walk to Butler Cabin. Congratulations Hideki!

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Hideki Matsuyama Makes Most Gains On Moving Day At The 2021 Masters

With a weather delay to break up the action, it was difficult to know what would happen when they returned to Augusta National. As it turns out, Matsuyama loved the break and charged forward with the most gains yesterday. Except for a few 68s, there really was not much action at the top of the leaderboard. The players who we thought were going to make a charge, never really got their engines moving. Matsuyama provide the only real excitement for the millions of viewers……or was he?

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US Open Final Thoughts

Congratulations to Brooks Keopka for winning the 117th US Open. The final round was very exciting with many charges up the leaderboard. None more exciting than
Hideki Matsuyama. Early in the club house at minus 12 added a pinch of excitement for the viewers. The final round was by far the most exciting of the four rounds. Continue reading

Managing Expectations On The Golf Course

Tiger Woods will tee it up for his last round today at the Hero World Challenge. I doubt anyone is going to catch Hideki Matsuyama, but in the big scheme of things it really does not matter because the focus of this weekend’s event is all Tiger all the time.

Sitting in the middle of the pack, Woods has demonstrated some sparks of greatness and of course his competitive spirit is back in full force. He has high expectations of his play and the real question is whether he can meet or exceed them. Continue reading