Hideki Matsuyama Makes Most Gains On Moving Day At The 2021 Masters

With a weather delay to break up the action, it was difficult to know what would happen when they returned to Augusta National. As it turns out, Matsuyama loved the break and charged forward with the most gains yesterday. Except for a few 68s, there really was not much action at the top of the leaderboard. The players who we thought were going to make a charge, never really got their engines moving. Matsuyama provide the only real excitement for the millions of viewers……or was he?

Unfortunately, my coverage of Matsuyama was limited at best. So I cannot really comment on how well he played. I would imagine he had a hot putter and made fantastic approach shots. But that was not the only exciting thing to happen on Moving Day. I want to give a big shout out to Corey Connors for this:

What a thrill to shoot a hole in one at the Masters. Corey Connors, a Canadian by the way, has been playing very well of late and has a chance today, but Matsuyama will have to falter so the rest of the field can catch him.

What a blazing back nine!

So, what has to happen for anyone to catch Matsuyama? That is a great question! First, someone starting in the minus six or seven range will have to shoot 65 or better. And then hope that the leader has a mediocre round. Given that he has a four stroke lead to start, the challenger will have to get quick out the gate to apply any pressure the leader.

If I was a betting on a player or two to shine today, I would suggest that Xander Schauffele and Corey Connors are the players to watch. This is purely a gut feel, but I think if anyone is going to catch Matsuyama, it will be one of these two players.

Regardless, the real winners will be those of us watching all the action. Who are you picking to win today?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Hideki Matsuyama Makes Most Gains On Moving Day At The 2021 Masters

  1. I don’t think that Matsuyama is going to fail today. He has played his whole career with the pressures of a huge Japanese media presence. I believe that the four shot lead is going to be too big of a hurdle for the closest pursuers.

    Personally, my heart hopes that Corey Conners shoots the lights out and puts himself in position to win if there is a collapse. I also feel for Rose, watching him grind out his round when struggling with his swing.

    Looking forward to watching the final round after my game today. I am playing my old Hogan Apex irons today, letting the hickories rest today after lots of rain last night. Yesterday, I played my Tom Stewart irons in honour of Bobby Jones. Predictably, I did not use them as skillfully as he did. However, it made for a nice birthday celebration.

    As I have stated before, my long term objective is to shoot my age in eighteen holes as often as I can. Yesterday, I shot my age after holing out on the fifteenth, still work to do.

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  2. Jim, if they gave out green jackets for 54-holes of guts, you’d award it to Justin Rose. His short game display yesterday was phenomenal considering how his swing deserted him on the back nine. But alas, we don’t. Matsuyama’s iron game was so pure, it will be tough to follow up on that and I don’t think he will. Loved his answer to Jim Nance on what he did during the rain delay. Connors was knocking down flagsticks and got a bit unlucky on 18. Still rooting for Speith but think Schauffele closes the deal and wins his first major.



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    • Brian,

      Schauffele is a good choice for sure. I wonder if there will be any dramatics today; lots of pressure. Especially when one bad hole could cost them the Green Jacket. It is going to be fun to watch!

      Cheers Jim


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