Tee It Up For Mattawa Healthcare – Final Thoughts

I have written several articles on this fantastic local charity golf tournament. As you are aware, I was fortunate to participate in this growing tournament and I have to say that it was first-rate! The purpose of this event was to raise monies for the Mattawa Hospital and the new Algonquin Nursing Home (being built as we speak) and to that end, the entire day was very successful. The unofficial tally for all the efforts of the organizers was over $51,000. Almost doubling the previous year’s total.

Holding the Big Cheque!

From the practice round included in the entrance fee to the first-rate meal, all the participants were pampered, engaged and made to feel like a member of the Healthcare team. I have attended many charity events and this event definitely rates up there as one of the best.

The night before the event, a barbecue / pontoon boat ride  occurred at the Mcconomys. Starting with a pontoon ride on the Mattawa River, the hospitality of the organizers was endless. With always someone to talk too, I was made to feel quite at home. It was a fantastic way to start this charity event. The Mcconomys were wonderful hosts and I look forward to a pontoon ride next year!

The morning of the event started off as expected. When our vehicles pulled up, a volunteer met us with a smile and grabbed our clubs to be placed on our cart. There seemed to be no end to their positive smiles and efforts.

Watching my clubs being toted away, I was informed that there was a continental breakfast inside with coffee! Additionally, I could register on my way in and collect my swag bag. After entering into the skins game, I headed to breakfast and was treated to some delicious muffins, yogurt and fruit. A perfect way to start the day. Oh yeah, don’t forget the coffee!

At the Range.

After registering, I was officially assigned my team. JC, Brian, and Clint were great playing partners and we had no end of laughs and great times on the course.  Brian, Clint and I spent some time on the range and after a bit of advice, all our swings were better and more consistent. Additionally, it gave us an opportunity to get to know each other. After heading out on the course, we had high hopes for our game. Unfortunately, we could not get the ball rolling and we started very slow. We ended up with 6 birdies, 2 bogies and 10 pars. Not good enough to win, but good enough to feel satisfied about our round.

Clint, JC, Brian and Jim

Each player contributed in their own way. Clint was our lead off man. He put the ball in play most of the time and since he only plays once or twice a year, we were very happy with his consistency. He was not long, but was always in play and for a lead off player, that was very important to our success.

Brian was a long hitter. When he connected with the ball, it was the longest in the group. Unfortunately, his directional challenges caused some frustration for him, however his length helped our team have many short approach shots.

JC was the course expert. As a local, he knew every  bump and hazard on the course. his sage advice was very good and it helped on many tee shots. JC was a fairly strong player and understood when to press and when to play safe. That knowledge was valuable on approach shots.

I did not play well most of the day. I was strong off the tee, but except for one approach shot, I was not as sharp as normal. Hence, we finished with only 4 under. However, I made one shot that was very noteworthy.

After our tee shot on the 7th hole, we were 60 yards from the pin. In front of us, Jeff Hutcheson and his team were walking off the green. As we waited for them to clear, Jeff yelled back something about tending or pulling the pin. I yelled back to tend the pin. He laughed and watched our shots. Clint, Brian and JC all hit good shots and at least one was on the green. I hit a sand wedge and watched my ball track towards my target. After one hop, my ball rolled and hit the pin. It rattled around the hole and came to rest two inches to the left. With a tremendous roar, we all thought it was going in and yes we did make our birdie!

Jeff Hutcheson Chipping into the Bedpan

In between 9s, there were a couple of games, putting and chipping. The putt was 60 feet long and only one of 80 players made it. Chipping was 25 yards into a bed pan and only one person made that. Overall, it was a nice break and gave us a chance to pick up lunch, drink some infused water and become refreshed.

After a great time on the links, we made our way into the club house for the meal and auction. The prime rib was cooked to perfection and without pointing fingers, one of the guys at our table talked his way into a second helping. I am not sure how he did it, but this special treatment was another shining example of the awesome service we all felt throughout the day. During the meal, the auction started and many of the items sold for hundreds of dollars; adding to the overall success of the event. Jeff Hutcheson did a great job by up=selling and sometimes guilting some of the audience into forking out the cash. There were plenty of laughs and the real winner was the charity.

I have attended many charity events over the years and I must say that Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare is one of the better ones. The entrance fee of $150 was returned many times over. From the moment the event started, until it was over, everyone had a great time and we all walked away with prizes. I am already preparing for next year and hopefully will able to attend this first-rate, must attend event!

Glenn Morrison and his team, through many hours of persistent effort, hosted a fantastic golf tournament. A big shout out to Glenn and his team for a fantastic day! After many hours of dedication and worrisome nights, their efforts paid off as everyone walked a way a winner. Thanks to everyone involved and I look forward to seeing you next year!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

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