Winning a Scramble Tournament

On Friday past, I played in a work scramble tournament. It is low-key annual event that saw over 100 participants. The great majority of players were beginners or those who only play a couple of times a year, so the focus of the event was having fun. As a top player at 22 Wing, there was a high expectation from everyone that my team would win. Well, my team did not disappoint and we eventually won with a minus 7. However, the win was less important than a couple of the things I learned.

I believe that every situation is a learning opportunity. No matter what, looking at how events unfold can produce an ah-ha moment or two that will become valuable in the future. Playing in the scramble of Friday did produce a few of these moments.

  • First, if your lead off guy has a negative 1 yard drive, it might be time for a new strategy. Right Paul?
  • When playing off a par three, make sure you know which tee to hit towards. Right Trevor?
  • It is never time to play safe when the team already has two balls in play. Right Brad?
  • It is easier to play last because you hopefully will get a good read from the players who putted first.
  • On approach shots, it is better to be more aggressive than tentative.
  • Focusing on having fun is just as important as being competitive.
  • Lastly, swinging hard with your driver all the time is not good for my game. Maybe going last off the tee is not always the best strategy.

Well those are my ‘remember me moments’ from my last scramble. I am not sure when I am going to use these nuggets in the future, but I will definitely keep them in mind next time I tee it up.

Do you have any words of wisdom about playing a scramble?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

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