Lead or Trail Hand While Putting

The putting grip is the most important and personal of all grips. It is both a strength and weakness depending on how things are going on the greens. When putting, I try to keep equal pressure with both hands and swing my putter with my shoulders. This technique works for me and produces the solid even contact I desire with the flat stick.

When my putting goes awry, it usually means that my grip has let me down. Generally, one of my hands decides to take over and as a result, my number of putts rises. This is a known factor in my game and the tell-tale signs are obvious.

If, for some unknown reason, I end up with different hand pressures on my putter grip, my ball reacts completely different than normal. If my lead hand is too tight, my putter head lags and opens. As a result, I miss right and long. I am not talking about missing once, but consistently. Specifically, I am missing my line right almost as soon as the ball leaves my club head.

If my trail hand decides to tighten up, just the opposite happens. I am generally short and miss left. My putter head leads my hands and I slice that the ball instead hitting it square. Additionally, my ball hops off the club face and skips for the first few feet. These are all bad things if I am trying to sink a putt for par.

The last point about either hand applying extra pressure deals with my wrists. Regardless of which hand is dominant, my wrists break slightly. This particular movement is very troublesome for me because if my wrists break, my score rises significantly.

My putter grip is very important to low golf scores. My putting triangle is best kept solid by ensuring have equal pressure with both hands. This allows my shoulders to drive my putting stroke and build confidence on the greens.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Lead or Trail Hand While Putting

  1. Trail hand for me. Though it’s the lead hand I go to first when I need correction. The lead hand controls how much forward press I allow and how much toe up I get and while comfort dictates one lead hand grip, good putting dictates another. When I allow too much toe up or too much forward press, my putting suffers.

    My current thinking is it should be possible for me to take my putter down to the local fitter and have them adjust the lie angle by a degree or two. That might allow me to keep that toe down easier and more naturally, but since I’m putting pretty good again after all the work I did this past year on it, I’m a little scared to try it right now.

    I’ll at least to talk with the guy about it soon though most likely. It won’t be too long before I need to have my clubs re-gripped anyway.

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