The 2018 Masters

Is it too early to be thinking about the 2018 Masters. Generally, this is the time of year that I get anxious for the first Major of the golfing season. It is cold, there is lots of snow and the courses will be open in less than two months. I need something to look forward too. How about you?

To help with my anticipation, I watched this video of the top 10 shots from last years Masters. There were some fantastic shots that included holing out, tending the pin, pine straw and of course Kuch’s hole in one.

With the final round of Pebble Beach on today, it will help quench my thirst for some great golf. However, nothing is as exciting so early in the golfing year as The Masters. Have a fun Sunday and keep it on the short grass!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “The 2018 Masters

  1. Jim,

    It is never a bad time to be excited about The Masters! It’s been on my mind for a while, but it ramps up for me at this time of year as well. I usually find February to be a tough month…on the calendar the golf season looks so close, but the weather outside says otherwise. Can’t wait for some green grass.



  2. I had a three eagle attempts today that would have looked right at home among those in the video. I hit the flag on all three of them. Twice on par 5’s and once on a par 4. I left myself a 3 inch tap in once and a couple of 2 foot putts for bird on the other two. They were hit from 115, 90, & 100 in that order and all 3 with a pitching wedge with a partial swing. And I had another with my gap wedge from 80 yards that didn’t hit the flag but couldn’t have missed it by more than an inch. That one went a little long and left me a downhill ten footer though and I guessed wrong on the line by a couple of inches and rolled it right past. I did get the par putt though. And I got in 27 holes of practice.

    I also got the first chance to talk with the bar keep in a few weeks today. I had seen her out hitting balls with one of the guys who work there one day and the next time I was there I gave her a Ping driver that had been sitting around in my garage. It had a short enough shaft to be her size. I think the neighbor left it here. Something he had bought used for one of his girl friends. Anyway, she was excited to show me a video of her out swinging it. So that made my day all the better.


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