The Cost of Playing Golf

One of the major drawbacks for starting golf seems to point towards cost. I would agree that the initial start-up costs can be hefty, yet I am not convinced golf is really any more expensive that football or hockey. Both sports (and golf) require a certain amount of equipment before anyone can play in an organized fashion. Unfortunately, the first response of why people will not play golf, it is the price of playing.This argument is getting old and I have no desire to try to convince anyone that golf is an inexpensive sport and worth playing. Be sides, if you are reading this article, there is a very good chance you are a golfer already. So, lets move forward with the conversation. I always wondered how much golfers spend playing each year. Funny, I happen to have an answer:

I have a quick question for you: How much do you contribute to the $70 billion dollar golf industry each year?

As I look at the responses above, I can make the assumption that the desire to play golf increases as does dollars spent. Personally, I fit into the last category most years and I am a very avid golfer.

Playing golf has its fixed costs and variable costs. They increase about 5% each year and I accept the change because that is the cost of doing business. As a customer, I expect to pay a bit more each year because operating costs at golf courses continue to rise. It is the nature of a market society.

Following the parameters laid out above, each year I spend money on the following:

  • 1 new club each year
  • 3-4 dozen new golf balls each year
  • A membership
  • 5-10 tournament fees
  • green fees
  • Men’s Night
  • A pair of golf shoes
  • Tees
  • Umbrella (usually every 3 years, but I need on this year)
  • Wet weather gear

As you can see, the list is fairly long, but far from extensive. I am sure you can add an item or two too the list. But for now, you get my point. There are expenses every golf must life with; the amount and how is really up to the player.

I play at least 80 rounds of golf in a 7 month period each season. To play that much, it costs money. I budget for these expenses and at least for now, I will continue to lay out the cash in order to play. How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “The Cost of Playing Golf

  1. Great write up Jim.
    Golf can definitely be an expensive sport however there are ways to achieve it on a budget.
    There are so many ways to play and the children in Bolivia have shown me that having the want to play is enough as they bury a cup in the dirt and spend hours practicing putting.
    Everyone has a different golf journey and I love hearing people’s golf story. That is one of my favourite things about connecting with other golfers.
    Cheers, Tiffany


  2. I’m sure I exceed that last category just in greens fee’s. But I play over a 100 rounds a year so that’s to be expected. I get a cheap rate 8 months of the year at my home course, and I make use of and to get discounts on other courses, but the average cost is still over $25 a round even if I’m conservative. I buy probably 20 dozen balls or more too because I’m a bit picky about playing with balls that aren’t marked up and like a soft ball which mean they get marked up easier. And I go through a lot of gloves too, needing a new one every 3-5 rounds if they last that long in the heat and humidity we get here. Then there is a new set of grips every year for the whole set so even without buying clubs or clothing items like shoes and rain gear, I’m sure I surpass 3k a year.

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