Phil Mickelson and the 2018 Ryder Cup

Phil Mickelson is a fixture at the Ryder Cup. This 47-year-old professional golfer is once again demonstrating why he would be a perfect selection for the 2018 Ryder Cup. His record through the years demonstrates that he is a tenacious competitor and as a senior elder on tour; will provide the leadership Team USA needs to repeat as champions. I realize it is a bit early to start pointing towards team players, but I like to live on the edge and make my predictions early.

The Ryder Cup has the excitement and grandeur of any Major. Only eclipsed by The Masters and The Open, The Ryder Cup is most coveted championship in golf. It offers the opportunity for professional golfers to play in team/head-to-head format like no other stage. Just think back to the recent match between Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed, now that was emotions on steroids!

Overshadowed by McIlroy and Reed, Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia’s quietly slugged out like only heavy weights can! It was equally as exciting and action packed as any Ryder Cup match in recent history.

A younger group of lions are emerging within the PGA Tour. As the inexperienced transition to experienced players, they need the mentorship and leadership of more wily players. Phil Mickelson provides that “je ne sais quoi” that every team requires. He can play well, rise to the moment, mentor younger players and act as a cheerleader. I realize his reputation from previous Ryder Cups might bother some people, but I feel that Mickelson’s positive qualities makes him an obvious choice for the 2018 Ryder Cup.

The question of the day is if Mickelson will play his way on to the team or not. Here is what you had to say:

Phil Mickelson is currently in 12th position for the Team USA standings. A few more top 10s and he will play his way on to The Ryder Cup team this year. I look forward to seeing him play in September at the Le Golf National in France. How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson and the 2018 Ryder Cup

  1. Jim, Phil is certainly in contention every time he plays. His swing is more old school rather then the torque twister / back killer used by the younger players, and that should stand him well as he ages. It does seem that he’s less effective around the greens, at least when getting TV coverage. But he must be doing something right to stay in contention. Hope he has a great run at The Masters this year.


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