I Am Shocked About The Results of This Golf Poll!

I ask questions all the time on Twitter and generally I have a good sense as the answer. Well, that was true until now; I asked a question about a player’s favorite golf shot and I can say that I am surprised as to their response. Let’s just say that this would have been my last choice!

This is what I asked:

I would never have thought at an iron shot to the green would be the overwhelming favorite. I mean 40% said they prefer a shot to the green with their irons over everything else. I can say that this is not may top pick.

I select the wedge, drive, putter and then an iron shot. There is nothing more satisfying than hitting a wedge close with plenty of action on the ball. The crisp sound and the perfect ball flight just makes me happy to watch. Next is watching the ball launch off my driver to the middle of the fairway. From time to time I can poke a ball out near 300 yards and those shots keep bringing me back (actually more other aspects of golf too).

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of a great iron shot to the green, but it is not my favorite. It can be a game changer, but it is just part of playing golf and not my favorite.

What is your favorite golf shot? And a hole in one does not count!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “I Am Shocked About The Results of This Golf Poll!

  1. Hi Jim!
    My favorite shot is one that I will try to set myself up for success with when possible, be it off the tee or a layup on a par 5:

    the 150 yard 8 iron!! There’s just something about that yardage I love, just a confident place for me. Ideally, it’s a little 2 yard draw 🙂

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  2. With short wedge shots I feel like I should get them close so I don’t really get as much satisfaction on when I leave myself a one putt or drop it from out in the fairway. Managing that from inside 150 brings me the most satisfaction.

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