Buying Used Golf Clubs

Buying used golf clubs is big business. I realized recently just how big this market really is for to savvy buyer. I have casually looked at used clubs from time to time, but now understand some great deals can be had if I paid more attention.

I talked a few grateful golfers and they passed on some great deals they recently made:

John and Steven have clearly demonstrated that buying used clubs has value and stretches our dollar. I can see how golfers would be driven towards second hand equipment given the prices of new sticks.

Recently, I thought about purchasing a new driver, but at $500 minimum and upwards of $750 for the “top of the line” kit, used clubs is looking very good to me right now. I am not the only one either:

I have espoused the virtue of being fitted and buying new in the past, but with the price of new equipment I might have to reconsider this stance. I still believe that being fitted is the right way to approach a large purchase, but maybe I can parlay that information into the used club world. Has anyone done this?

I am all about getting the most value for my dollar. I have a club buying plan, but did not include the used club market. Moving forward, the internet offers a world-wide store at my finger tips and it is time I put it to good use. Do you purchase used golf equipment?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Buying Used Golf Clubs

  1. Jim, I play with a mix of new and “previously owned” as the car dealers say. I totally agree on the value of a professional fitting and if your fitter does not tie the session to a purchase, you should be free to take that fitting and buy clubs from anyone, including used equipment. That’s the way my guy worked and I ended up buying a new set of irons and wedges from him anyway, but having that club Rx in your pocket is empowering in the used club market.




  2. Interesting question. I have bought used clubs, with mixed results. My current X Hot 3 wood, bought on eBay 5 years ago, has served me well. But, having recently had a fitting session for a replacement, I was amazed at how much difference choosing the right shaft can make. I also have a mini-driver bought used a couple of years ago – I have never got comfortable with that club. So, if you know what precise spec you need and can get it used, that’s good. If not, probably best to pay full price and get fitted. I certainly don’t regret doing that with my irons last season. Cheers, Rob.


    • Rob

      You are summing up what most respondents think. Saving money were we can on used clubs, but keep in mind that a fitting is still an important step to finding the proper equipment. Glad to hear your irons are working out.



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