2 thoughts on “A Day of Relflection

  1. Since reflection is today’s theme, I’ll take a moment to reflect on my game yesterday. I ran out at the last moment and walked on a short par 67 course yesterday. It’s short but has nice, fast greens and is a nice place to get some practice in. I had skipped playing last week because of spending double my golf budget to go see Tiger play so I was anxious to get back out and continue working on my game even though I was not feeling my best. I was stiff all day from sleeping wrong and the stretching exercises I did before leaving for the course barely seemed to make a difference. But I went regardless and chose the shorter course knowing it would be easier on my body. My play was unusual in that my short irons were my biggest weak point. And I mean really weak. Unusually so. I pulled and pushed, hit them short or long and in different combinations all day missing green after green on easy par 3’s. But I never let it get to me. My wedge work was pretty good and my putting a game saver. I berated myself often during the round but managed to stay in the moment for the next swing every time. At the end of the day, as bad as I was hitting the ball, I ended only 6 over. Not a score for the annals of golf surely but I am proud of the progress I’ve made with the mental side of the game. I didn’t blow up at all, even though I struggled with problems on almost every easy hole on the course. I say almost because both the par 5 holes are pretty easy too, but I played them just fine. Even getting a chance to chip in from the edge of the green for eagle on the longer, but easier, of the two. Anyway, I attribute the bad iron work to the stiffness and think the end result is another sign I’m on the right path.


    • Kevin

      That is quite a round of golf. Sometimes what appears to be a poor round turns out pretty good. It sounds like you did not meet your expectations, but scored well. That happens often to players who hit the links allot. Well at least you were golfing!



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