Forget the Golf Rules, Have Some Fun

At the beginning of every golf season, there is a short moment in time where the golf rules really do not matter. While trying to work on my swing, my mental skill and physical conditioning, the golf rules just get in the way. So I offer myself a hiatus to focus getting my game back in shape. 

The beginning of the season is always a dance. My biggest challenge is physically swing the club. Regardless of how much exercising and pre-season preparation I made, swinging the club always has its challenges. Therefore, when playing, if I make a poor shot or miss hit a ball, I drop another and perhaps another. At the early stages of my season, my score is unimportant, but my ability to fix errors quickly is far more important.

I am not above taking a ball out of a sand trap that is not prepared. Sometimes the maintenance team has not had time to fix them so why fool around with a crazy ball position. Dropping a ball in the rough and experimenting with the lie helps me identify future shots and possible solutions to difficult situations.

The rules of golf are important for sure, but they should not get in my way to enjoying the early part of my season. I, like many of my friends, need time to focus on getting our game back. This is a yearly routine and one I will continue to follow.

How about you, do you suspend the rules from time to time?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Forget the Golf Rules, Have Some Fun

  1. I do it more often than I play for score. I usually only do it when playing alone though.
    I think practicing on the course is as important as using the range. Maybe more. The opportunity to practice shots from places like fairway bunkers, side hill lies or really any lie that’s not perfect aren’t found at the range. While I do have a range that provides a good place to practice chipping and sand shots around the green, it’s just one green. One sand consistency. And the distance you need to carry doesn’t differ as much as you run into when playing. The chance to hit 4 or 5 sand shots in a row aiming for a small top tier section of the green 30 yards away is a priceless practice opportunity. And it brings a bit of confidence when you face a shot like it for real.

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    • Kevin

      I agree. It is definitely practicing. The unique opportunties to hit shots is hard to replicate on the practice area. The challenge is to take the time to hit those extra shots. Great hearing from you.

      Cheers Jim


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