Golfing With Friends

I have a rather large group of players who I enjoy golfing with on a regular basis. They group is diverse and you can find just about any type of character on any given day. The reason I like golfing with these gentlemen is because they are a source of amusement, competition, and inspiration. I rather enjoy golfing with friends.

Many of my friends have contacted me recently to offer support as I fight back, again, the nastiness of my disease. It is difficult to express my gratitude and I do not think they understand how much I enjoy hearing from them or listening to their trials on the golf course.

Recently, I was talking to Mike who is golfing in Kentucky. He expressed his discontent about Jim “getting in his head” when they played. I offered a solution hopefully it is effective. However, I had to smile because watching these two navigate the course is a laugh. They poke fun, bicker, swear, and congratulate each other constantly. I really enjoy watching them play.

Another friend, Brad called and we caught up after many years. We went to high school together and played golf a few times in Alberta. In my younger years, we would partake in a few libations which sparked his question: “Wondering if it is best to enjoy some beers on the course during your round or wait until you are sitting at the 19th hole with a friend you grew up with.” I started to think back and remember golfing just before his wedding and enjoying a few beers on the course and at the club house.  I can say that with great friends, either is a good choice. Brad, you should read this earlier post. 

Giving the Duck to Kirk!

Then there is my buddy, Kirk. Or should I call him “The Duck Holder“. We have competed on the course for years and it is always a great time. When Kirk plays regularly, we are closely matched. He is a lefty and I like watching his course management because it is different than mine. Mostly, we are close friends and it always fun playing with golf with Kirk and learning something new.

Lastly, there are my friends Blair and Rick. They are regular playing partners of late and we enjoy looping the course together. We all have different games, but our temperaments are the same. Neither of us sweats the small stuff. We worked together in the past (they are fully retired) and have similar working careers. On any given day the topic of conversation will vary, but we can always count on one of us to offer the proper perspective on the subject. I am very comfortable playing with Rick and Blair, they are good for my game.

As you can see, playing golf with friends offers its own rewards. Golf is a social sport and my friends always make my rounds better. My score may not reflect it, but my mood sure does. Do you have friends you regularly play golf with?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Golfing With Friends

  1. I too play alone most of the time, which I love, but I get to play with my best buddy Dick and his son Barry a few times a month. Barry is 32 now, but I was lucky enough to play with he and his Dad on his 1st round ever when he was 12. We have a ball and poke at each other, hackers that we are.

    Enjoy your posts, and good luck with your fight. Sending positive thoughts your way Jim.

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  2. While I do have friends I play with often, the word “regularly” doesn’t really apply to any of them most of the year. Some have young families, some travel for work, and others prefer to spend more time fishing than golfing. I appreciate that by the way. They feed me well. But that means I go out alone more often than not. But, I don’t mind that at all. I’ve met a lot of people at my home course and often, when it’s busy, have more than one group of people I’ve played with before asking me if I’d like to join them when I get in line. And I enjoy going out alone. Put me behind a foursome and I can get in a ton of practice.


  3. That bloody Duck! We are all fortunate for the great rounds of golf and friendship that we have with the Grateful Golfer.

    The Duck will make an appearance in the near future. Wish you were there,…to take him back that is!


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