Golf Game – Vegas Scramble

I enjoy playing golf games during Men’s Night. Last Wednesday, I played Vegas Scramble for the first time in my golfing career. Funny thing is, the very next day I played Vegas Scramble again for senior men’s day. What was interesting was that after using the same rules, we had different results. It is a fun game, but only if the dice are rolling your way!

Vegas Scramble is different from other golf games, but the rules were very straightforward.

  1. Each player was given a number from 1 to 4.
  2. After every drive, someone in the group rolls a dice.
  3. If your number showed up, we used that drive regardless of where it ended up. A 5 resulted in a re-roll. If a 6 showed up, we could pick any drive we wanted.
  4. After selecting the drive, the team played a scramble for the rest of the hole.

This game is great fun unless your team rolls poorly!

Brandon and Jim ready for Men’s Night!

During Men’s Night, I played with Blair, Brandon (young friend of the family) and Dan (a new player to our group). Brandon has not played much because he just graduated from university, but was able to hit some clutch shots around the green. Dan is sneaky long and hits a very controlled ball. He was a great addition to our group because of his easy-going nature and steady play.

We started off the first hole with Blair hooking his ball off a fence. This was a very unusual shot for Blair, but such is golf. Of course, we rolled Blair’s number and worked very hard to eek out a par. On the sixth hole, we were in the pond and rolled that number. I think you can see the trend here. Even with our poor rolling, we shot a respectable 2 over par. Considering we had the unfortunate luck of rolling the worst possible number over half the time, we were happy with our score.

As we went in for a great meal of pizza and wings, we waited for the results to come in. Jeff, Osprey Links Owner/Manager, read the scores and our team won C flight. We never thought we would win anything, but we walked away with some Osprey bucks.

Senior Men’s Day was something of a different story. Our usual group of Blair, Rick, Darin and myself were ready for a great day. As it turned out, we made Rick our designated dice roller because he never missed. He rolled great numbers all day and as a result, we never had to use a poor drive; not even once. We hit some great shots, left some putts on the course, and hit some very close shots for an easy par or birdie. We ended up shooting 6 under (over 18 holes) and tied for first place. We actually ended up second through retrogression; if anyone can explain this process so I can understand it, I would be grateful.

After never playing Vegas Scramble before, I played it twice last week. Each had mixed results due to the roll of the dice. I guess it is a bit of a gamble playing this game (hence the name), but it was fun and made for some great conversation. Vegas Scramble is definitely on my list of golf games to play again. Have you ever played in a Vegas Scramble?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Golf Game – Vegas Scramble

  1. Jim, I have never played Vegas scramble but it sounds like great fun. I suppose you have to proceed thinking that other teams will get their share of bad luck rolls, just as you do. Love the way the element of chance sneaks its way in and that your team has to be flexible and resourceful.

    Speaking of Vegas, how ’bout those Caps painting the town red!!!




    • Brian,

      The biggest fear of my team was getting a ball in play off the tee. I think that added some extra pressure knowing that they could be randomly chosen. It was great fun for sure.

      I am happy for Washington. Ovechkin deserves a cup after all these years. But it is time the cup came back to Canada where it belongs.


      Liked by 1 person

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