A Hole in One That Was Not A Hole in One

This is a story I just have to share. It is something that we all dread and unfortunately it happened to Marlin. It was a hole in one, that was not a hole in one. Not sure what I mean, then read on!

Marlin’s second shot went in the hole for par! I only saw the same thing on TV when Fred Couples hole his second shot at the 1999 Players Championship for par!

To add a bit of something to Marlin’s story, the person who chipped in for birdie to win the hole was my friend Jimmy. He was telling me about it yesterday. I told him that I need to hear more of the story when over a libation and we agreed to meet up after my treatments so he could give me all the details.

I feel for Marlin; I am sure I would be happy and sad at the same time. I wonder, taking the score out, could this be considered a hole in one with an asterisk since he hit his second shot from the teeing ground? What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “A Hole in One That Was Not A Hole in One

  1. Jim, what’s really amazing is that Jimmy had the wherewithal to make birdie after that tremendous momentum swing against him. I can only imagine how that played out.

    Several years ago, I lost a ball on a par-3 and jarred the provisional for par as well. Seems like it’s about as uncommon as the real hole-in-one shot.



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  2. Nice story to share. I witnessed the same thing on #13 @ Paragon. One guy in our foursome hit first ball in water, reloaded second ball from tee and jugged it for a 3! Ironically, I do not have an official hole in one, but, I also hit a reload from the tee and jugged it! Maybe an official hole in one will happen soon!


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