The Leader at The Ryder Cup

Every two years, one player stands above the rest. This player is on top of their game and easily defeats any challenger. Last year, Team USA’s big winner was Patrick Reed and Team Europe’s was Thomas Pieters. They both lead their respective teams with the most points and in the case of Reed, provided some fire sadly missing from previous USA teams. This year, Reed is back, but composition of the team is different and his antics might not fit this team. I guess we shall see soon enough; the real question remains of who is going to be the top player for Team USA and Team Europe.


Which European is going to step up to lead the their team to victory?

Team Europe 
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Team Europe is an under rated team. They have great players and with the right match-up, will give Team USA a deep run on Sunday. As underdogs, they need to have that one player to step up and be an emotional leader as well as a scoring machine. As I look over Team Europe, there are several players that could do the job, but on person continues to jump out at me: Ian Poulter.

Poults is the ultimate wild card. He is fiery, emotional, and has an impact when he plays. If he plays well, he will provide that missing something every team needs. However, he will have to go undefeated in his matches that will pull the Europeans together. Ian Poulter is the dark horse that has the potential to be the top player at the 2018 Ryder Cup.

Which American is going to step up to lead the their team to victory?

Team USA
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Team America is more challenging to select a their top player. This mix bag of superstars offer so much; they have the skills, but who has the emotional leadership to gel the team. Unlike Team Europe, I think Team USA will have a slightly less emotional leader and more of steady hand at the helm. With all the great players, Team USA needs a proven champion who is unflappable. For this, Team USA will rely on Tiger Woods to lead them to victory.

Woods’ win at the Tour Championship vaulted him to the top of my list. He will be the quiet champion that the rest of the young guns will rely upon to direct them to victory. Tiger Woods will be all business and will show the rookies how to compete in on of the most pressure packed tournaments in golf. He will be the focus that many of the Americans will turn too for guidance and leadership.

Friday will be the start of some amazing golf. It will be interesting to see if Ian Poulter or Tiger Woods will lead their team to victory. I think that if either of these players faulter, then their respective team is in trouble.

Do you have a player you think will lead their team to victory?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Leader at The Ryder Cup

  1. Well, the games start in just 15 minutes. No matter who wins, I think we are in for some exciting golf. I’m liking the teams we have scheduled for the first 4 matches. But I wish the Tiger/Reed team was going out first. But just because it’s 2 AM and I have to hit the sack and catch up later today. I am looking forward to seeing Reed get fired up again.

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