Team Europe Motivational Video

Team Europe understands the importance of motivation. They realize that emotion, channeled properly, is like the 6th man in basketball; a game changer. This video was circulating around and I thought it was worth a view, but not for the reasons you think. 

Have a look:

As you can see, the message is very powerful. It talks about leaving everything on the course and never looking back with regrets. I mentioned that everyone dies, but not everyone lives. This video is meant to motivate Team Europe and I believe it had the effect the makers intended. Yet, I believe this message is not limited just go golf or the Ryder Cup. It speaks volumes for my life!

I mentioned my 3 foot space theory before where I try to leave this small area of influence better every day. My philosophy helps guide my life and hopefully life it to its fullest. As I watched the video, their message helped reinforce my beliefs that doing things to the best of my ability is a way of life, not an exception.

I sometimes forget this message when working on my golf game. When practicing, I ‘go through the motions’ without any real intent. I lose sight of the reason I practice and walk away unsatisfied with my time spent working my game. This video helps remind me that having passion for the things I am doing is a fantastic motivator for achieving goals on and off the course.

Team Europe’s motivational video was a great reminder that life is to be lived with passion. Sometimes the white noise in our lives drowns out the important stuff and every now and again, I need a small reminder of what is important.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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