GIR is What Most Golfers Prefer

I asked a question the other day about possible scenarios when hitting the ball close. It was quickly obvious that I skewed the question so that most respondents would choose an improved greens in regulation stat than any of the other selections. It makes complete sense to me, but only after I had sent the question out into the world.

Looking at the questions, of course hitting my ball to within 2 inches from 150 would be the most popular choice. This shot means that most amateurs are guaranteed a birdie or at worst a par. Additionally, it likely improved their GIR stat (which is the most important in golf).

I have long been a proponent of the GIR stat. More and more I realizing that they do not ask you how, but how many at the end of the round. If I happen to shoot a low score, then we can discuss the how. But, until then, no one is really interested. To get to the ‘how’ conversation, I need to shoot a high GIR percentage. My score and this stat are directly related: high GIR, low score; and low GIR, high score.

Although my question was skewed, it did offer some insight that I need to stay focused on my GIR next spring. It is not the only stat I track, but it is one that has the largest impact on my overall game. 

What is the most important stat you track that proves insight into your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

12 thoughts on “GIR is What Most Golfers Prefer

  1. GIR is the game. That and putting. The rest is either setting up or scrambling. Even though I blew the end of my game today, I managed 12 GIR’s, two birds and a sandy. And got to one of the par 5’s in two. I cut the corner over the water and that gave me a easy 6 iron to the green. No eagle though. The attempt didn’t turn in until just after the hole. It was a good putt from 25 feet. I missed the green off the tee on both the short pars 4 today too, but one only by inches on the longer one and the other more tricky one I chose a 3 iron instead of the driver. The wind was so strong and I was hitting the driver so well I was scared I might hit the house behind the green on that one and I’ve already bought one window there years ago. It was the right call for sure because I was about fifteen yards short with the 3 iron. So I would certainly have overshot if not been out more money for a window again. That corner window is the perfect target line for the hole. Lol

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    • Kevin,

      Sounds like the 3 iron was the play anyway for yesterday. However, a 3 wood would have got you there with some to spare. It is tough gauging a tail wind. You just never know how it is going to help the ball.

      Cheers Jim


      • Your right about that. I decided on the 3 iron instead of the 3 wood because my most commom error with the 3 wood is a pull and a pull on that hole is death.

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  2. Hi Jim, I need to find the fairway off the tee, but playing mostly on a links course just one bounce in the wrong direction gets you off that coveted fairway. No fairway just about eliminates any chance of a green in regulation for me.


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