The Importance of Fitness for the Senior Golfer

After turning 57 just before Christmas, I continue to be reminded of how important fitness is life. Remaining active is paramount for my good health moving forward. I have to admit that it is more challenging as I age to remain active and my mind is always saying yes, but my body sometimes rebels at the idea of moving around. I guess this is a fact of life as we age, however, if I want to continue golfing (and other things) for the next 25 years, the now is the time to set the foundation of a strong, healthy, active lifestyle.

***I am not a fitness expert, nor am I a doctor. Therefore, before you start doing anything strenuous or out of the norm, consult your physician. They will be able to give you guidelines and advice on how to proceed. The following is an account of what works for me and me alone.***

For those who have think golf is not a sport requiring very much athletic ability, then I suggest that you take a second look. If you consider walking 5 miles carrying 25 pounds of steel easy, then you are in great shape and well on your way to continue your active lifestyle. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the bending, twisting, lifting, pushing, and walking over uneven surfaces. If you are not ready for what a round of 18 holes of golf will through at you, then you might be surprised.

It is the new year and many of us had rededicated to becoming more active. Personally, I am not rededicating to become more active, I have decided to remain active. I plan on doing something every day; it does not have to be intense like Vijay Singh (who is 55 years old), but it has to involve moving and getting my heart rate up.

Additionally, I have few training activities up my sleeve that I plan to use over the next few months as I prepare for golf season. This year, unlike in past years, I plan on improving my overall fitness with some focus on golf. In the big scheme of things, this is my best avenue of approach for an awesome retirement full of fun and activity.

Are you an active person?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “The Importance of Fitness for the Senior Golfer

  1. Jim,

    Great topic. When I was younger my grandpa (not saying you are one!) would always have a push cart when we played. I believe it’s the small things that will benefit you on the course, in this case going from carrying to pushing clubs. Even stretching goes a long way. Glad you talked about this! Hoping 2019 treats you well.


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  2. When I walk a course, which is only during the winter months when it’s cooler, and not all that often even then, I never carry. I have a hand cart I push. Other than that, I have my bike and do some stretching exercises each week but that’s it. But I’m not the typical overweight American. At 6 foot and 160 pounds, I’m slim. The exercise I do most often is lifting the fork to my face. πŸ˜‚

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