A Charity Golf Tournament With Mulligans

I love playing in charity golf tournaments. They provide an atmosphere designed for the players to have fun and enjoy contributing to a worthy cause. To increase the contributions, many tournaments, like Tee It Up For Mattawa, allow players to purchase a mulligan to be used at their discretion. Without hesitation, I put my money down because who does not like a get out of jail free card on the golf course! The challenge is when to use this precious gift?

My team at the 2017 Tee It Up For Mattawa Charity Golf Tournament.

I bet if we talk to 10 golfers, we would have 10 different answer. My favourite would be, “it depends” because it adds an aura of uncertainty that my work to my advantage during the round. Hence, that answer is not a sufficient answer for me. I have specific criteria when using up my only mulligan and it usually results in gaining two strokes on the field!

There are really only three usual instances I want to use my free shot and one ‘if I have too’ shot. First, lets start with the three usual times.

  • Off the tee. There are certain par 5s that are reachable in two. On those holes I would be willing to use my mulligan if I have a great opportunity to have an approach shot of under 200 yards. If not, then the chances of reaching the green in two is not worth using my mulligan.
  • An approach shot. Again, to be on the green in two on a par 5 or a short chip or putt for eagle on a par 4. I must have great confidence that I will reach the green or sink the second shot before I use my mulligan. I never use my mulligan on a high risk shot over hazards.
  • Putting for eagle. If I have a legitimate putt (under 20 feet) for eagle, I will consider using my mulligan.

The other time I will use my mulligan is on the 17th or 18th hole with a great chance at birdie. If I have not used my mulligan that late in the round, then I need use it to an at least on stroke on the field. For sure, I will use it on the 18th hole one way or another!

When to use a mulligan is always a great mental debate. It is fun to talk with the team to hear their thoughts, but generally I know when the time is right. During charity events being able to buy a mulligan is a bonus. It is generally the only time I can, so I try to take the best advantage of having a free shot.

When do you use mulligans in golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “A Charity Golf Tournament With Mulligans

  1. I agree with your mulligan shot use.
    I run a charity golf tournament and we sell mulligan ticket to raise extra money. For our charities We draw a prize winner from all the tickets sold. Plus we have someone selling more on the course. A lot of fun for the players to have a pocket of do overs.


  2. Jim, the annual charity event I play in is a four-man scramble. Each of us buys a mulligan and they become property of “the team”. Invariably, we end up using these on shots that can maximize our scoring potential. In most cases those are short iron or wedge approaches from the fairway and rarely on putts. Say the four of us are on the green and the best ball is 15 feet away, here we’ll use a mulligan and get another crack with the approach shot because if we can put one in stiff, or even 5 or 10 feet, the team will have four cracks at birdie from the much closer distance. We think this maximizes the value of the mulligans and in most cases, the best wedge player will end up taking all four for the team.




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