Using a Mission/Vision Statement to Improve My Golf Game

As I sit down at my computer scrolling through my news feed looking for something to inspire my writings of the day, I am often side tracked. Like a golfer at a golf store, I sometimes find it hard to focus on one thing and become easily side tracked. There is no specific thing that catches my eye each day, but something always does. This random ‘clicking’ causes issues on finding a writable topic. Well, finding something to work on in my golf game is exactly the same.

I am a 57 year young golfer with 40+ years experience that never stops working on his golf game. And if you have ever wondered why I keep my goal of being a scratch golfer in my sights this should help clear things up:

This might seem strange, but having a difficult goal to achieve helps me focus on improving my golf game.

Talking to many players over the years, they say that working towards being a scratch golfer is an admirable goal, yet in the next breath they will tell me that this goal is impossible. I am too old, not physically fit, not flexible, not, not, not. These are all excuses (I have used them from time to time when I lose my golf focus) that I have to beat them back with a chair and whip from time to time.

When I first decided to set my goal to be a scratch golfer, I had to figure out a process that would facilitate my success. It needed to be simple and flexible to meet the rigors of the fluid dynamics of change to reach my goal. So, after considerable thought, I adapted a business technique of using a mission/vision statements. During my 35+ year career in the Canadian military I have read my fair share and understand their value. So, I figured why not use these valuable tools in my golf game. I am sure many of you can relate to my approach.

As a bit of an explanation, I found these two definitions from BLULEADZ that may simplify what I mean by a mission or vision statement:

  • “The vision statement for your company should focus on tomorrow and what you want to become. A good vision statement defines the future of your business and promotes growth, both internally and externally. It helps your team focus on what matters the most and invites innovation. It is aspirational and inspirational.”
  • “Your mission statement should be focused on the present. It defines customer critical processes and informs you about the desired level of performance. It basically talks about HOW you will achieve your business goals, while defining the purpose and primary objectives related to your customer’s needs, and your team’s values.”

So in my case, my vision statement is: I will be a scratch golfer. It does not have to be any more complicated that that and provides me an achievable goal that will take effort and focus.

My mission statement focuses on my golf plan for the year. As you have read over the years, I produce a golf plan that focuses on how I am going to improve my golf game that year. I was well on track until I physically ran into a road block last year, but my 2019 golf plan is in the works and will be out on the streets in the near future. This plan becomes the details for my mission statement.

As you can see, life skills is transferable to my golf game. I believe that if I am to be serious about being a scratch golfer, I should have a vision and mission statement. It works for me and does improve my golf game.

Do you have a vision / mission statement?

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