The First Sign of Spring and Golf Season

I am exited. The first fire of the season is an indication that golf is just around the corner! I am grateful to spend some “fire time” with my wife and daughter!

Now, golf season is only a week away. I have my membership, my clubs are ready, and now I just need the course to cooperate.

I am a grateful golfer! Going to the links soon!

8 thoughts on “The First Sign of Spring and Golf Season

  1. I thought you might have an article tonight on Brooke’s win. 21 years old and tied for most PGA wins for a Canadian. What a special young lady.

    Anyway, happy to hear you’ll be back on the course soon. My play this week wasn’t up to my expectations, my timing was off and I kept pulling the ball with my irons, but I enjoyed it just the same. I played with two guys from Nova Scotia who were great company.

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  2. I thought you were going to say the first sign was the arrival of the geese in the pond on the right side of #1 fairway…


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