I Want It All At My Golf Course

I have played at many courses over my career and I am never shy to express what I like and do not like. It is not that I am picky, but I understand the value of playing a great course that has all the facilities needed to round out my experience. If I cannot have it all (practice facility), then at least there is a bare minimum I want / need to ensure I am prepared to play my rounds.

I always like a facility that has a great course, putting green, chipping green, and driving range. If you throw in a usable sand trap, then I am good to go. Unfortunately, there are no courses in my area that has all of these facets to their course. So, I had to pick the one that best fit my bare minimum and that is Osprey Links Golf Course.

Before I describe what works for me, I think it would be interesting to hear what others have to say:

Some of the other responses I received suggested a heated driving area, decent practice bunker, trackman tools, and an indoor simulator. These are all reasonable requests, but it is unlikely a course will invest in these without the other bare necessities. A majority of responses indicated an area to work their short game (putting and chipping). This of course fits into my thinking as well.

For me, a course should have a putting green first and a hitting net. With these two resources, I can prepare for my round. Without these, I never feel prepared to play; I also need these resources to mentally prepare for my round. Without loosening up my swing or establishing a solid putting stroke, you rounds never seem to unfold as I planned or hoped.

As far as chipping and sand play, I go to another facility to practice and hone my skills. It offers a distinct separation between playing and practicing. This seems to help my get better and better each year; albeit slowly.

Of course I want everything at my course, but that is not possible. So, as with my current course, a putting green and hitting net are a must.

What do you need, as a minimum, at your home course to improve your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “I Want It All At My Golf Course

  1. Jim,

    I need a driving range and a putting green. Without these I will not be prepared for my round. Unfortunately, but my home course which recognizes itself as a “country club” doesn’t even have a proper driving range. They have one chipping green and even that is not in great condition. I always appreciate a course with a sand trap too.



  2. Jim, at a minimum, I need a driving range and putting green. Unless I hit balls and roll a few before I play, I’m usually out of whack. Next would be a short game practice area. Lastly would be a practice bunker. Actually, I need them all 🙂



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  3. Well, our city course has the best practice facility in town, a large driving range ($7 for a small bucket of balls, $10 for a large one), one raised green for chipping/pitching/lobs and bunker practice (two nice deep tough bunkers with deep, soft white sand like you find on our beaches), a large practice green and a decent sized chipping green for shorter chips around the green. It has a lounge upstairs, a good pro shop, and vending machines at the turn as well as water spaced throughout the course. Locally, that is the best we have though many of the others come close. It takes me about 45 minutes to get there in traffic and I have another much closer, but that is my first choice if I want to get in a few hours of practice. I’ll start off putting, then get my bucket and hit some medium pitches to the raised green, move to one of the bunkers next, and then pick up my balls and walk a few yards over to the range. Done that way, one bucket of balls can last you most of a day if you have the time to spend. The course is called Mangrove Bay if you want to see it on Google Earth. There is a 9 hole par 3 course on the property too called Cypress Links.
    I have a lot of memories from Mangrove Bay. One of the funniest was watching my little brother who was a better golfer than I was back then hook his drive 18 into the parking lot and hit his own car. Of course, we couldn’t see that until after the round. But my dad and I needed help getting off the ground we laughed so hard when we found the dent the golf ball made in the middle of his hood. He was parked right between us which made it even better. It wasn’t that day, but the first time I beat him was there too. And that is the course from the story I told you about the water spout crossing the lake and running right over me picking up my partners open umbrella from his bag and making him chase it around in a circle. It’s been at least half a year since I’ve been there to play. Maybe tomorrow. I checked their site and they are aerating the greens on Wednesday so it’s now and wait a few weeks.


    • Kevin

      Mangrove sounds like a little piece of heaven. That is the exact course I want to belong too! I guess it will have to be on my list of places to visit someday. Thanks for sharing the story it helps. Oh yeah, our back nine opens today. Just heard! My golf season is on the way. Thanks for sharing!

      Cheers Jim


      • The only problem with the course that keeps me from playing there more often is as a public course in an area of town that has a lot of people it’s always busy and lots of new/bad golfers go there. I used to play there often, but rounds started taking 5+ hours to get through and that was just far too long. I just got back from playing, but I didn’t go there. I’ll get there next month after the rates change and the rest of the snowbirds are back home. Today’s round took me just over two hours. BTW…I did it again. I can’t believe I left without putting my putter in the bag again. Old age is the pits. Lol…But I shot a 5 over round anyway, so I’m feeling good.


      • Kevin

        Again!!!! Great score though. I got out today; played 9 holes and it was great! I understand not wanting to play courses that offer 5+ hours rounds. I would not play there either…..unless it was Augusta National of course!

        Cheers Jim


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