My 2019 Golf Season Has Finally Started!

I woke to this yesterday and quickly arranged with my friends to hit the links in the afternoon. What a fantastic way to start the day!

After setting the time to play for 1:30 pm yesterday, I quickly went about my house gather my equipment. I was excited and left early enough to chip and putt for 30 minutes before my first tee time of 2019.

Everything packed and ready to go!

As per previous years I decided to carry my clubs. It was a gamble because I was not sure I was able to loop 9 holes with all my kit. Give my physical conditioning, I figure I might as well give it a go. Well, I can say that I physically tired and a bit sore; but it was worth every step. I will reevaluate carrying my clubs after the next round and if I as tired as I am today, I might have to push for a bit. Time will tell.

On the 10th green, we met up with Craig Moody our superintendent. He and his team have performed marvelously to all for this “soft opening”. I talked to Jeff, the GM / Managing Director, and he indicated that this was window of opportunity to get the season started (since we are expecting snow today) and Craig agreed. Thanks Craig and Jeff for getting us started in April!

Craig and Jim – The Grateful Golfer

The round went exactly as expected. I did not have an opportunity to hit the range or any practice area before yesterday, so I was playing cold. Well, it took about 4 holes to get some sort of swing back. Once I did, I had 3 opportunities for birdie in the last 5 holes. I did not make any and it does not matter, I was out playing.

I want to thank Rick and Mike for joining me today. Rick and I have waited 5 months to play and Mike was piling up the rounds down south. Overall, it was great to have them with me and share in this fantastic round of golf.

Jim, Rick and Mike on the 10th green at Osprey Links Golf Course

Well, now that my first round is in the books, I am ready for more. The weather will not cooperate for the next couple of days, but after that if you are looking for me, I will be on the course!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “My 2019 Golf Season Has Finally Started!

  1. Glad to hear you are back in the game. And three birdie ops in the first 9 holes after a months long absence seems to me like a fantastic start. I think the longest I’ve had to go without playing is two weeks over the past decade or more so I have no understanding at all about how I would do understand similar circumstances which makes it seem even more amazing to me.

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