2019 PGA Championship – Day Two

What! Koepka has a 7 stroke lead! Woods misses the cut! Spieth is in contention! And Day 2 proved that except for Brooks Koepka, the rest of the field is exactly where the pundits expected. So, why is Keopka crushing the field and extending his lead?

Before going into any great detail, here his the highlights:

I can discuss all the ups and downs of the players, but the real issue is why Brooks Koepka is running away the the PGA Championship after the second round.

Well, he is a proven champion. But, that is not his advantage. If we go back to the early 2000s and examine Tiger Woods dominance (yes, I am making the comparison) the one advantage he had over the entire field was his fearless approach to the game. Tiger Woods was unflappable and he played his game no matter what. The rest of the field had to try to knock him off his game and that was virtually impossible.

If we look review Brooks’ attitude before every Major, he is confident, focused and undeterred by any comments made by the media, fellow competitors or other internet pundits. He knows his game and so far things that Majors are just another tournament. That might be his secret power for others to emulate. I am sure this is one reason why he looks so in control on the course.

Bethpage Black is a monster and can reek havoc at anytime on ones game. However, 40 players were under par with the best score being -6 by Adam Scott. This is actually a bit surprising considering the layout and length of the course. So, I wonder what moving day will look like. It really will not matter if Brooks shoots another low round.

Moving day is always fun to watch. However, if Koepka maintains his 7 stroke lead; he will only have to cruise on Sunday to his second PGA Championship!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “2019 PGA Championship – Day Two

    • Brian

      I have read this article. He is right on his approach. The challenging is picling those players who will do well and who won’t. Of course thee are a few who have better odds to be in the mix, but even they are not guaranteed. Look at the current leaderboard, there are a few names I would never have picked, but I am not surprised they are there. Moving Day is going to be excititng!

      Cheers Jim

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    • Pete,

      I suspect most of us would shoot considerably higher than normal on Bethpage Black. It would be tough navigating around the course with that lush rough for sure. The greens do look spotty, however watching the ball roll, they seem okay. They remind me of Chambers Bay and the US Open in 2015. The greens look very rough but rolled well. I have not heard any pros complaining, so that is generally a good indication.

      Cheers Jim


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