How Do You Keep Your Golf Score?

Through the years, I have used many methods to keep score. I do not chase the next big thing or gimmick because keeping score should not be a complicated process. However, with the advent of electronic methods, keeping score has taken on a whole new meaning.

I recently asked what you used to keep score and this is what you said:

It turns out that the old fashion way of keeping score with a card is most popular. Of course, there is no wrong or right answer to this question. As long as we correctly write down all our strokes, it matters not if you use electronic means or the old fashion way of a scorecard and pencil.

I was offered a couple of great suggestions on how to keep score. One was with an app and the other was a book you can use to write in the rain (much like a surveyors book). Both tracked simple stats and so much more. Either is a great solution and simple to use; but does not really work for me.

I have used my GARMIN Approach 6 to keep score in the past, but always fall back to a scorecard and pencil. I like the ‘old fashion’ because it is simple and I never have to worry about batteries! Additionally, there is one more reason why I prefer using a scorecard and pencil – it is what is used to verify scores in competition.

During every event, fun or competitive, we are required to submit a scorecard. In a competitive round, my scorer must attest my final number and I have to agree but affixing my signature as well. It is the only way to fairly account for what happens on the course. So, I figure if this is the case, I might as well use a scorecard during my regular games to ensure. It is as simple as that; nothing more complicated.

It seems that I am in the majority on this issue and I am not surprised. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best solution!

Do you use a scorecard?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “How Do You Keep Your Golf Score?

  1. I use a scorecard mostly because it is the fastest way to write down my score and not slow down play. I write my score quickly after leaving the green or on my way to the next hole, then I can start to prepare myself to hit my next tee shot. I would use my phone, but it takes too long and it’s distracting. If i used my phone I might see texts and emails that would distract my attention.

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  2. As,a programmer I once gave thought to creating an app for my phone to keep score and track my handicap but it’s the scorecard for me too. You never know when you’ll want those signatures to document something special like a hole in one.

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