Oh No! Not Another Lost Ball

At the beginning of every golf season, I am amazed at how many golf balls I and my group can loose. Mostly, my ball decides to go for a swim and there is very little I can do anything about it. One would think that with such a potential for a loss, I would carry a ball retriever. However, I do not and have not had one for many, many years.

It seems I am not the only one who does not carry a ball retriever. As a matter of fact, I was completely surprised by the response:

To be fair for full disclosure, my playing partners carry one and I can use it whenever the need arises. However, I will say that after about 1 month or so into the season I really do not have a need for a ball retriever. I rarely hit my ball into the water after that, so I do not feel it worth the weight to have it in my golf bag.

After asking the question I did receive a couple of very funny responses that I thought were worth sharing:

  • Keith Cook said: Yes … & it saves 100s of lives a year. Water in play nearly half holes on home course & my group treats lost or water balls like family heirlooms.
  • Shootz Golf said: If it wan’t to go in the pond it can damn well stay in the pond.

Even if my friends did not carry a ball retriever, I would not carry one. It is a piece of equipment that I never really thought I needed. So, I doubt I will ever carry one.

Do you carry a ball retriever?

I a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Oh No! Not Another Lost Ball

  1. Jim, i own but do not carry a ball retriever. Never have, and it’s psychological. Subconsciously, I think if I carry one, I’ll look like I’ll need one. Don’t want that self image of myself knocking balls in the water. Second, I don’t seem to attach any value to the golf balls once I put them in play. Well, maybe if I rinse a brand new ProV1 on the first tee shot, but I have so many balls, the addition or subtraction of a couple doesn’t matter. Interesting subject, as is anything mental in the crazy game!



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  2. No ball retriever in my bag. And I use a staff bag and ride way more often than I walk so weight isn’t an issue I worry about at least until I have to lift the monster back into my car after the round. If I can’t reach a ball with my club, then I gift it to the golf gods.

    Besides, most days I usually find more than I loose without trying. And the ones I find are usually better balls than the ones I buy.

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