Are You a Rebel or Traditionalist Golfer?

Over my many years of golfing, golf has changed. Some things for the better and others, well, not so much. What has remained constant is the attempts of equipment manufactures to make changes regardless the value. As consumers, we understand that they do this to make money and that is okay when you live in a market economy. However, I do have to discuss the recent changes to the golf ball; it seems that they might have gone a step too far!

Recently, I played a couple of rounds with my friend Mike where he decided to use an orange golf ball. This is not overly unusual, however the finish was of matte design I found it very difficult just to look at the ball. I mean, even in my hand I could not look at his ball. For some reason it was an assault on my visual senses.

When he hit the ball I could track it in the air, but once it fell below the height of the horizon, I could not see it at all. It was like a magic trick and his ball dissappeared from my vision completely. I found this a bit frustrating because it is the responsibility of play partners to track the hitters ball to ensure it does not get lost; in this case, Mike was on his own.

I have tried the various colours offered for golf balls, but I always gravitate back to white. This colour best fits my eye when tracking it in the air (although grey skies do pose a bit of a challenge), chipping and putting. I see sharp defined edges and this allows me to focus in on my striking point. It seems that white coloured golf balls is my preference and I am not the only one:

After many different attempts, I think I will stick with the traditional white golf ball. The colour fits best for my visual cues and it offers a level of confidence when focusing on a specific hit point. I realize that many players do not mind and can see the different colours better; but for me, white golf balls are the answer.

What colour golf balls do you prefer?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Are You a Rebel or Traditionalist Golfer?

  1. I use yellow. That fit my eye the best.however when the dandelions starting sprouting in the rough, I use white. Or else it would be impossible to find.
    On a side note….does anyone else become a golf ball designer when they are searching for a lost drive?
    I’ve made up balls that beep as you get closer or spring loaded ones that hop in the air as if to yell ” I’m over here”!

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  2. Hey Jim, I just got the page up for the annual tournament one of my clients puts on here in November. We added some of the better pictures we have of the course this year in a slide show and I thought you might like to see them. It’s a very photogenic course. In the last picture, the sun is setting over one of our barrier islands just south of Clearwater Beach and the water in the foreground is the Gulf of Mexico.

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  3. I guess I’m a rebel. But then, in some ways we all are. I’ve been playing with yellow balls, but red or orange are the easiest for me to follow in the air and find once they hit the ground. A traditionalist might prefer white balls, but strictly speaking, they would also wear a sport coat while playing and play with driver with both the head and the shaft made out of wood.

    I like to play in shorts, without tucking my shirt in (it’s hot and very humid far too often here). A practice that is not allowed on all courses. I also like mock collars and that has caused me an issue or two once or twice. Being too much a strict traditionalist is a good way NOT to grow the game. There are basics we should strive to keep like honor. But the rest should be allowed to keep up with the times at least to a point. This might be going a little too far. lol

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    • Kevin,

      I agree with the evolution of the game for sure, but there are many etiquette issues that should not be changed such as removing your hat to shake hands at the end of the match. I realize it is a small thing, but as an older golfer I think it is a sign of respect….but these are entirely different conversations. Thanks for weighing in.

      Cheers Jim


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