Chipping Tips to Break 90

Learning new skills can be a challenge in golf. The issue is identifying the challenge and devising a drill or fix to help lower your golf score. Recently, I tried changing my short game with little success and have reverted back to my old style of chipping. The techniques I use first helped me break 90 and as I continued to improve I was able to break 80. By building the core fundamentals of chipping, my game was taken to a new level.

As I reverted back to my old style I first struggled with three areas. I had them fixed before and was able to quickly regain my previous form. The areas were:

  • swing plane – I was coming inside too much on my draw back which resulted in a closed club face on impact. It was like I was swinging a baseball bat.
  • right shoulder drop – I was set up like I was hitting a driver and as a result I hitting my ball ‘fat’ as much as I was making good contact.
  • too much wrist action – I was trying to flip the ball and help it to my aim point instead of letting the club do the work.

As it happens, I found this video to help increase my speed of return to my old form. It was very helpful and I thought you would like to see what the gents from Me and My Golf have to say:

Their instruction was very beneficial and I found instant success. I do, however, still struggle with the first challenge swing plane. I am still working on that and I am not worried.

Additionally, I point the end of my club forward more in the video so my ‘laser pointing’ is on my left hip not in the middle of my stomach. This different club position works for me and is a minor variant to what they prescribe. As they suggest, I need to adjust my chipping swing to fit my game.

As you can see, these three areas are very important to building a strong foundation for chipping. If you conquer these three skills, then you will quickly see that your golf scores will improve and you will consistently be breaking 90.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Chipping Tips to Break 90

  1. It’s a good video. Your post has me a little confused though on one point. The chipping change you had mentioned working on before if memory serves came from Michelson talking about having your weight more on the lead foot. You don’t mention that in this post at all though the video does when talking about leveling your shoulders. Am I wrong or did I miss something along the way?

    As far as this video is concerned, it’s pretty close to what I do after trying that advise on having my weight more on my lead foot instead of centered. It’s worked pretty well for shorter chips like on the video where I don’t need to worry about slopes or clearing traps and such. I guess I naturally adjusted my back swing without much thought on it to get good contact when I made the weight shift.

    I found though that on shots like chipping on an up hill slope, my weight need to go to the back foot to get better contact. And if I need height to go over a slope or trap, I’ll add some wrist hinge and shift my weight more to the middle for that like I would for a flop shot. I haven’t had much practice on longer, 30-40 yard level chips since making the changes since most of the greens,around here are raised so I need more practice to get distances down pat there, but even on that shot it’s not been horrible. I tend to come up shorter than I’d like though so I think it’s mostly a confidence thing that will come with more time. I’ve had over 20 years doing it “my” way and only a few months with the change so that isn’t unexpected though it can add a little frustration now and then. But I think it’s worth sticking with it because it has made for a few less miss hits and fat shots.

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    • Kevin,

      You are right that I did not mention putting weight on my lead leg. I do this, however not as much as Phil recommends. It is a balance thing for me. Additionnaly, keeping my head still after contact is very helpful for great contact.

      I am interested yo hear that you are making chanfes to uour chipping game after 20 years. It goes to prove that improving in golf and learning new things is a life long journey. Great hearing from you today!

      Cheers Jim


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